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Forsaken World Instance Guide- God's Trial Normal and Mentor Modes

Updated on August 25, 2013

Basics Mentor or Normal Mode

The first thing you need to know about God's Trial (or GT) is that it isn't open all the time and you only get so many times a day you can do it. Normally you have one time every day, but if you miss a day you can get two, stacking up till 3. You can also turn tries into exp aid, but if you want to actually do the GT, that may not be a good idea. Remember to use your lionheart scrolls! The time is good for this instance, so turn it on when you go in and call the pet you want to level.

It is open at 12:00-13:30 and 19:30-22:30 server time, (noon-1:30pm and 7:30pm-10:30pm). You can enter it starting at level 20 and there is no cap, so you can do it every day after that if you want to.

When you enter with the Party Settings (Hotkey T) you are normally entered into both modes. Normal mode and Mentor mode are their names and they both have similar tactics.

God's Trial is an instance where you try to save 6 statues from the monsters trying to destroy it (each statue is a type on the masteries/weakness). The only difference is the level of the monsters and when they appear.

Normal mode has all 6 statues being attacked at once and your party will normally be same level characters. Usually you team up in groups of two and each kill monsters on a statue on one side of the room and move onto the other side when you save or kill the 20 required monsters. Once you have beaten all the monsters you have a final boss spawning in the middle. That's pretty much it.

Mentor mode is a little different and offers more exp in relation to the Normal Mode. This normally has characters that are high up, and a couple that are lower levels (one or two 20-40 and the rest 60+). The monsters will be around the level as the higher characters, but low levels have crystals in the middle that they can collect for extra exp. Normally this is done in teams of two or single players at a time, lowest level to highest. So if you are level 34, but there's one person level 32 and the rest are 60+, you collect crystals second. (Each player can collect 20 crystals so they won't get more than you, don't worry.) The statues don't get attacked all at once either, but a swam of monsters attacks one statue at a time, sometimes a mini boss will spawn after you complete a statue though.

Once all 6 statues are complete, you have the same final boss and once that is done you are finished. Sometimes an NPC will spawn in front of the exit teleport, he has an extra exp quest that normally teams complete. Just go to the location and blow your whistle you get, kill the monster, and you're done.

Mentor Mode Statue Buffs

Each statue in normal mode stops the spell circles from working, but in Mentor mode, they give you buffs.

Fire gives you 10% AP per stack, 10 stacks max.
Water recovers 2% MP per second for 5 seconds.
Earth gives you 10% Def per stack, 10 stacks max.
Wind gives you 10% Movement speed per stack, 10 stacks max.
Dark gives you 1% Crit chance per stack, 10 stacks max.
Light recovers 2% HP per second for 5 seconds.

Normally people that care about the buffs stand somewhere between the Water and Fire, so they get both buffs. If you don't care or you prefer something else, do that, but the buffs are helpful (especially if you use a lot of mana).

Tips and Advice for Maximum Leveling

This instance is designed for helping characters level, so no matter what you do you will gain a lot of exp and probably a level or two (unless you're above 40 then you probably won't get 2).

To maximize your exp gain, use your double exp time you gain from reading lionheart scrolls (make sure you have at least 25 minutes before you sign up for the instance by buying them from the favor shop or your guild interface).

Make sure your pet is out, or the one you want to level up. A level 1 pet can easily reach 25-30 during one run of GT. I had a chained demon that went up to level 15 from just one monster in a mentor GT.

If you want more exp, sign up for only the Mentor mode when using the Party Settings (T) by using the drop down menu by the apply button.

If you're low level, make sure you pick up crystals in Mentor Mode. They give you 4x the exp usually than one monster and you can pick up 20 of them, just don't do it when it's not your turn.

Make sure you do GT every day, even if it means signing on just for the half hour it takes to complete it (during the time's it's open). Do not do it if you are supposed to be doing anything else though, responsibilities come before gaming. ;)

On Normal mode, don't dilly dally. Pick a statue with another person and kill the monsters asap. Not only will this prevent people kicking you out of the party, but nobody likes someone that afks right before an instance starts. You don't save statues by spreading the team thin, you have to team up and do one side first then the other.

There's probably way more tips, but these are the basics.


There are currently no plants in God's Trial to harvest, it is mainly an exp run not a normal instance.

God's Trial Achievements

No fancy footprint cards to complete this time. Just keep going in God's Trial to complete these.

Enter it 10 times for the first one

20 times for the second.

40 times for the third.

Finally, enter it 60 times for the last achievement.

Each completed achievement gives you a higher title and since you can do it once a day, in two months you should be a master of the GT.


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