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Fortnite: Tips for Winning in Battle Royale

Updated on March 28, 2018

Winning a Fortnite Battle Royale game is not always easy, so we've put together a guide to dominate!

How to move efficiently

When you jump from the bus, try placing your parachute at an angle of 20 ° to 30 ° to descend a little faster (your line of vision must be turned to the ground). It is also possible to open your parachute very late by flying over the water, since it seems that the game considers the automatic opening with your distance from the ground.

You can go in any direction to get away from the center of the map. However, Fortnite's Battle Royale mode does not have (for the moment) any vehicles, which means that your movements must be anticipated and well thought out.

Be careful if you sprint! Indeed, when you move in running, your character leaves a trail behind him, visible by all. In addition, the noise of your travels is at its peak during a sprint.

Conversely, if you move slowly on the ground, the noise will be very small, thus favoring sneak attacks.

Raised areas and tall buildings give you an advantage, both for watching and shooting. Try to make stairs to climb as quickly as possible, while destroying part of your building afterwards.

Watch for falls as you will suffer damage from falling from above. To do this, use your ability to build and place objects in order to leave a building or to descend quickly from a high point without taking a fall damage.

Use the bushes to camouflage you, they are more useful than the constructions that generally are traps that can close on you if your opponent has explosives or enough ammunition to destroy your walls remotely.

The loots

There is no better place to loot, every house and nook of the map can house an interesting element. Be careful, however, to the chests, which make a noise when you open them.

In most homes you can find ammunition cases. These are often missed by players because they are not very visible at first glance (dark green boxes and usually quite small ...), so do not hesitate to go behind someone in a house.

Note that if you play as a team, you can give ammunition or bandages by putting them on the ground.

Learn how to master the pickaxe

For those accustomed to PUBG / H1Z1, the starting pick only achieves 11 damage per shot. At this rate it will be difficult to quickly eliminate an opponent. Avoid conflict without a firearm, you are no longer on your previous Battle Royale where a frying pan can do the trick.

To loot only ammo, equip your pick. This allows you to immediately recover the ammo without forcing you to loot the weapons (and therefore weapon switch every loot).

Aim the blue circle with the pickaxe to destroy more quickly the elements of the scenery. Some objects can be destroyed in one fell swoop (the majority of chairs, garage doors, wooden fences ..) and bring in resources.

Do not forget that you can destroy everything with your pick (but also with your guns, grenades and rockets), no opponent is really safe!

How to eliminate opponents?

A Battle Royale means both surviving and knowing how to eliminate opponents. Remember that unlike other Battle Royale modes, it's more complicated to look behind either. From then on, you can easily surprise an opponent from behind.


They appear in various qualities, orange (the best but also the rarest) to white. If you played World of Warcraft, the quality ranking is exactly the same as on the Blizzard MMORPG.

Obviously, the better the quality of the weapon, the better its accuracy and damage. However, do not neglect your first weapon! A white firearm will be superior to your pick in most situations.

Although this is a style of play that many do not like in Battle Royale games, jumping during melee combat will give you an advantage, especially with a shotgun.

In order to gain precision, stand on the ground without moving. Conversely, if you move, the accuracy of your shots will be reduced.

Do not waste your ammunition with long shots (except the sniper rifle of course), most of the time you miss your target but in addition to using balls that can be very valuable, it is likely that someone from other can identify your position following these shots.

Only the bullets of the sniper rifle have a travel time and suffer the effects of gravity "bullet drop", at least enough for this to have an impact on your aim.


Be careful though because these objects are quite rare! Never give up a pack of explosives as they can be very useful during the game.

Indeed, they represent a very effective solution against campers! Someone is hiding in a building? Use your explosives (grenades, rockets ...) to destroy the building. The higher the place, the more painful will be the fall for your opponent.

You can even use the rocket launcher to kill dueling opponents nearby by shooting at the ground behind them. Depending on your position, you may also take damage but your enemy will be killed instantly. Positions giving you a shield are particularly effective in this kind of situation.

For Quake fans, you can not (yet) use your rocket launcher to move around the map.

The traps:

Traps are particularly useful on Fortnite, especially to protect your back. Although it is not recommended to remain still, if you opt for a more passive game, try to recover the different types of traps (on the ground, on the walls) in order to cover you.

The storm (the gas)

Try to progress at the same time as your opponent and anticipate his movements. This avoids being trapped inside but most importantly, there is little chance that an opponent is in your back if you follow the progress of the area.

If you take damage, you will not be able to loot (you have to wait to receive damage from the area and then loot) but you can heal yourself. Note that potions with a shield do not protect against damage in the area.


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