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Fortnite Taking Over?

Updated on February 15, 2018
Josh Collinson profile image

Josh is 18 years old and has recently discovered a passion for writing. He is writing everyday and improving himself. He aims to continue.

Why is it so good?

So if you haven't been living under a rock the past few months then you would have heard of Fortnite and most likely would have played it yourself. It's simply taking over the internet and everyone's gaming consoles/PC's.

Now there's a few reasons I think this game has taken off so much and I'll go other them during this article. I think people enjoy playing it so much for 2 main reasons; you all start with the same advantage and there's no possible way you can make micro-transactions to get an advantage. It's also a free game so more people are going to download it just to try.

If you play the game one of those reasons are most likely a reason you enjoy the game. I personally love the game for so many reasons, but the main reason is the fact that no one has an advantage at the start of the game, it's all based on luck. You could be the best player ever but if you don't get the correct loot you have a bigger chance of dying to someone who got better loot.

These reasons also make it really fun to watch. There's videos and streams of people playing the game in all different ways. I could spend half an hour watching someone play seriously and then spend an hour watching someone just trying to get funny kills. It's great!!

It's taking over the internet

Outshining every other game ?

The simple reason this game is outshining most games is due to the fact it is free. Because it's free most people will download it even if they don't like the look of it at first. Everyone loves free games. This combined with the fact you don't need to do any micro-transactions makes it even better. You do have the option to buy items but they are only for visual appearance.

The game is purely focused on having fun at the moment. From the minute you join a lobby it is apparent you are playing a game full of comedy. When you're surrounding by people flossing and doing the Carlton dance it's hard not to find it funny. Even the graphics are fun, which makes it hard to get annoyed when you die.

If you compare PUBG to Fortnite, which is the most related game, you can see why people chose to play this game. PUBG is hard to get used to, it took me around 5 games until I could get used to the graphics. With Fortnite I came top 10 in my first game. If you have played shooting games before it's easy from the start.

Another factor which makes it so fun is the fact everyone starts the game the same way, jumping out of a bus and plummeting into the map. Luck plays a massive part which is a reason anyone can win.

The sad thing is most games focus on competitive gaming now. It's even more sad because they don't focus on it for the right reasons. Games like FIFA are now following the competitive scene for the money from events and sponsors, which I could talk about for its own article.

Games like Fortnite are hard to find and I hope they continue to improve it.

Games like Fortnite are hard to find and I hope they continue to improve it.

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Should other games do the same ?

Now this is a very indirect question I have asked. Simply because Fortnite is just one genre of game so most games can't really follow Fortnites example can they? Or can they? I think they can. This obviously applies to online games, particularly games like Call of Duty and FIFA.

Fortnite is always being updated by the amazing folk at EpicGames. They do the best they can to fix an issue as fast as possible and it usually only takes a week or so. This shows they are very active with the community and are putting whatever money they earn to good use. The hard work is clearly paying off, the evidence is shown with how many people continue to play for fun. I've lost track of how many games started to become a chore to play to get anywhere good.

I covered another huge factor before about Fortnite, and that's the in-game purchases. Yes this is how they earn the money for the game but they haven't made it a requirement to make the purchase. Even the battle pass isn't a need but most people get it because lets be honest around £10 is nothing when you got the game for free. I love that you know what you're getting with Fortnite when you make a purchase. I've stopped playing so many games recently due to the fact it's just focused on crates or packs.

Fortnite has me staying up until stupid times in the morning. I've not been like this with a game since Black Ops.

They are also very in sync with the community. Staying vocal on Twitter all day and reassuring us when there is an issue. I love it. I've never been so connected to a game.

Valentines Day content.
Valentines Day content.

Another thing Fortnite have set a high bar for is creative content. To top it off they release new items everyday. The weekly items are getting better each week. The above photo shows what we had for Valentines day. Now I didn't buy it and I still enjo it when I see someone wearing it, it's great.

Hopefully other companies can see why Fortnite is a success and will start changing gaming back to what it was about. Fun.

Fortnite has me staying up until stupid times in the morning.

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© 2018 Josh Collinson


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