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Free Games Available At Epic Games Store This Week

Updated on May 3, 2020

For those stuck as a consequence of the coronavirus in the home, there's absolutely no lack of awesome games to play and that's made with of the free games which have been circulating. Most recently, the Epic Games Store includes two complimentary games this week, and they are worth checking out.

Amnesia: Dark Descent

The first free game accessible to Epic Games Store consumers is Amnesia: Dark Descent, a genre-defining horror game from Frictional Games. This is guaranteed to provide joy and a challenge to horror lovers and will pit players from all kinds of nightmares.

Survival horror games are uncommon nowadays. Games such as also the Resident Evil titles and Dead Space may be frightening but are inclined to be as focused since they are about the air. Back in Frictional Games' Amnesia: The Descent, you receive no gun. Its rictus that is yawning comes into focus along with when a corner on knees rounds, you can succumb to its onslaught or flee in terror, trusting safe refuge will be provided by that the shadows.


The 2nd game, Crashlands, is a more suitable, and also a great deal option. This game is a humorous encounter and is better seen than explained. The preview below establishes the tone and anticipation for the adventure that is bizarre.

Crashlands is an action RPG with a great deal of crafting and exploration. You have to find a way off so that she could complete her deliveries, and perform as Flux, an intergalactic delivery truck driver that has crash-landed within an alien world. At first glance, it appears quite like the whimsical live of Klei -'em-up Do not Starve, however, Crashlands is not attempting to be a survival match. Rather than thirst and desire pubs, programmer Butterscotch Shenanigans sets the focus on quests and combat. I spent most of my time performing assignments for the world's charming although grotesque denizens, assisting them to go fishing, sabotage demigods, or kill beasts.

Both of these games will be free until May 7th. Beyond these, the PlayStation Store has been offering free games, with 7 free games from April and more coming in May, while developers and platforms have been shelling games as well.


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