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Kids Games - Ideas For Children's Party Games

Updated on September 17, 2011

Kids Party Games

It is some parent's worst nightmare to host a party for a bunch of boisterous kids, whereas for others they find it great fun and can entertain the children without any trouble. However, whether you enjoy it or not you still have to come up with some kids' party games that the children can play without getting bored and this can sometimes be a bit of a struggle. Children have sometimes got notorious short attention spans so lots of short games could be the way to go.

So, if you are hosting a children's birthday party and you need to come up with some ideas that will be fun for kids and keep them occupied for a few hours then I have put together a few old favorites plus some new games that I know that kids enjoy. If you can take a couple out of here to keep the kids happy then my job is done!

Treasure Hunt

If the weather is good then you can have a treasure hunt in the garden (keeps them from messing up the house!). Hide some plastic balls all round the garden and the children have to go round collecting as many as they can. The child with the most balls at the end of the designated time wins a prize.

If you want to make it more challenging for older children then you could have a treasure hunt with clues so that they have to solve the clues before they can find the hidden balls.

Wrapping someone up in toilet roll like a mummy always brings some laughs!
Wrapping someone up in toilet roll like a mummy always brings some laughs!

The Mummy

Divide the children into teams of about 4 or 5 in each team and give each team a toilet roll. One of the team members must act as the mummy and stand still with their arms against their sides. The other kids have to wrap that kid up with the toilet roll so that they end up looking like a mummy. The team to finish first is the winner. This is a good game that children under 10 will probably enjoy and it also has an element of teamwork to it (although they don’t realise it!) as they have to pass the toilet roll round to each other so that the Mummy is wrapped up from head to foot. This can be played by boys and girls alike.

Pass The Balloon

Split the children up into 2 or more teams and get them to stand in a line. It is best if there are about 5 or so chilrend in each line. Starting at the front of the line they have to pass the balloon back to the next child without using their hands. You can make up various rules about how you want them to pass the balloon and how many times – for example it has to be passed between the knees or under the chin etc. The team to pass it along and back first is the winner. You can combine this with a few rounds where maybe the next round is to pass an orange without using their hands either. If it gets dropped they have to go back to the start!

Decorating Cup Cakes

This also needs a bit of preparation in terms of cooking some cup cakes (or fairy cakes as they used to be called!) first. Then make up some bowls of different coloured icing using icing sugar, water and food colouring. Have some other bowls of various sprinkles and sweets and allow the children to make their own cup cakes by spreading icing on top and then adding the toppings. Another variation is if you make some round and flat cookies and then let the children decorate them so that they look like faces.

Guess Who I Am

Using post it notes, write the names of famous people (ones that the children are likely to know) on each post it note and stick one to the forehead of each child. Then get them to take turns asking questions about who they think they might be and the other children can only answer yes or no.

Get the kids to make a silly face as one of the forfeits in 'pass the parcel'
Get the kids to make a silly face as one of the forfeits in 'pass the parcel'

Pass the Parcel

A good old English favourite game which does need a bit of preparation. Choose a present to wrap up in the middle of the parcel and start adding layers of wrapping. In each layer either put a sweet or a forfeit that the child who opens it must do, just something fun like ‘do a headstand’ or ‘make your silliest face possible’. Add plenty of layers of wrapping so that everyone gets to open at least one layer. Start the game with music and get someone to stop the music every now and again so that the person who has the parcel when the music stops opens that layer. Keep going until you get down to the final layer and the prize.

Guess The Song

Use the Sound Recorder on your computer to record some portions of songs that the children are likely to know. You can find Sound Recorder at Start, Accessories, Entertainment. Reverse each clip and save it. At the party, play back the reversed clips of the music to the children and see if they can guess which song it is.

Reverse Talking

Following on from above, use the Sound Recorder to record the children trying to talk backwards. Think of a phrase and write it down, then figure out what it would be when said backwards (you can always record the phrase and play it backwards to get a hint). Then get each child to record their version of the backwards words and play them all out once they have been recorded, this will provide a lot of laughs for the children! For example if you wanted to use the phrase ‘Welcome to my party’ the children would record something like ‘Eet-rap yiim oot muclew’

Although the idea of a dozen or so kids coming round to your house for a party can be stressful, as long as you have a few game plans to hand then you can keep them occupied and having fin for a few hours at least and you may just have fun yourself!


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      reminded me of childhood games i had forgotten my self thanks for reminding me, will try them on my daughters party 10

    • Azure11 profile imageAUTHOR

      Marian L 

      7 years ago from UK

      Thanks Giselle, some I enjoyed as a child and others more recently experienced!

    • profile image

      Giselle Maine 

      7 years ago

      Some neat ideas here! Thanks for this collection of kid's party games.


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