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Free Mobile RPG Games

Updated on March 6, 2016

I am a gamer by heart and have started playing consoles since the Atari launch. My first completed RPG was Final Fantasy 4 and since then many developments were made to both RPG games as well as consoles. The ability to play RPG games now on mobile phone is a huge draw, especially as it doesn’t come at a price of poorer graphics or story. Below are a list of great mobile RPG games that you can play whenever and wherever you want.

Pure Classic
Pure Classic

Undercroft (IOS)

The game is a super retro RPG, just think Might and Magic style, with even more classic graphics! You get to start out in a team of four heroes ranging from a warrior, mage, priest, summoner or assassin. You get to choose your skill according to your class, and your mission starts with a rumour of awakened dead roaming about an old abandoned royal graveyard.

Even the music brings back the nostalgic old-school gaming experience which we are familiar with during the 8/16-bit gaming system era. The world is seriously huge. This is a game that can easily clock in 15 hours of fun, exploration and items as it has plenty of side quests to keep you busy with.

Dragonknight4 (IOS)

DragonKnight4 is a game of conflicts between humans and humans as well as humans with demons and gods. You get to choose from a group of four gorgeous ladies as a starting character, with each a specific type of class such as Black Magician, Sword master, Sorceress and Blacksmith.

You get to accept and complete new quests easily by tapping onto the scroll button at the bottom of the screen. There are also items that allow you to wrap back to the nearest town to save on your traveling time, which is essential when your item bag gets filled quickly during game play with so many items dropping off from slain monsters. Saving a game is as easy as tapping another button. Controls are smooth and the maps clearly display the exits of your current location.

Things start to get even more interesting when you have access to Spirits, which consist of both Angel and Demon types. Equipping these Spirits help you in your battle. Another unique feature is the Player vs Player arena and the Apocalypse area (when you will be granted access upon reaching level 10). Apocalypse is an area where you have to defeat rounds of monsters to gain specific type of rewards such as coins etc.

All in all, Dragonknight4 is an enjoyable game for those craving for a good old hack-and-slash action RPG.

MapleStory Live (IOS/Andriod)

Sadly, this MapleStory from Nexon is more of a solo game than its fame PC MMO version. After its Cygnus Knights and Thief Edition, Nexon launched MapleStory Live where you start out as an assassin. Players will get to venture into the new land of Pantheon.

Candies are the currency for the game that are to be purchase in-app, and you can use them to buy its two expansion packs – The Lion King’s Castle and the Mushroom Kingdom, as well as for additional save slots and town teleport rock.

You do have to face server connection loading time whenever you are accessing candy shops. For the Freemium version, you won’t have access to Mailbox, Storage as well as the mini-games.

Gaining levels might prove a mundane task. The screen can be relatively crammed due to the amount of information that Nexon tried to have accessible to players. But for those craving for MapleStory style RPG, this is the best one to go.

Midnight Shopping
Midnight Shopping

Wild Frontier (IOS)

You start out as a warrior, Scout or Tanker which can determine what weapons you can use. For example, to use shield you have to be a tanker character. Monsters are killed and their meat is harvested. Menus are controlled via virtual pad rather than using direct touch screen.

The game consist of time play as well, meaning that time passes and switches between day and night during game play, where roaming monsters are stronger at night. The game even has weather and it can affect your attacks. Switching from map to map is a breeze. You can also craft to make money.

You will need to have a decent player level before engaging in a boss fight though, as it is very difficult to take them on. Monsters are aplenty and whether it is good or bad depends on how you look at it. There are plenty of opportunities to gain in level, just that there are so many monsters around that they can slow down your game play.

Heroes in Time (IOS/Andriod)

A Zelda type game as the main character wolf-boy Mikhail starts off with doing misc quest before going into the game proper. You get to choose between Knight, Warrior, Archer and Wizard. From then on the game quests start to reveal the depth of the storyplot.

The graphics are gorgeous with controls that are simple to handle. Its soundtrack does not disappoint as well. One small problem would be that the map function which isn’t that helpful at times, as you would have to search for the right path to go with no help. If you crave for Game boy style type of RPG game then Heroes in Time will be the right one for you.

Epic Hearts (IOS/Andriod)

You start out as a Draka, whose key role is to protect the hatching of a mythical dragon during “Renovatio”. You get to choose between the three main characters of Warrior Raban Elsemore, Gunner Nika Taraonia, or the Half-Bred Jean Carlo. Carlo’s unique feature is that he can transform into a Lycan and has the ability to use fast one-sword attacks as well as long range ones in the form of frozen spears.

For movement wise, you can choose between the virtual pad or using swipe movement of your finger for control. The game even scrolls the current quest below the screen as a reminder.

Epic Hearts is wonderfully crafted game with huge, gorgeously designed worlds to explore (make that 8 worlds), this secret of mana old school style of game play will surely delight action RPG gamers.

Playing with friends are fun!
Playing with friends are fun!

Arcane Legends (IOS/Andriod)

You start out as a Warrior, Rogue or a Blue Rabbit-ish Sorcerer with a companion choice of a dog, puma and turtle (yes you heard me right). The game feels wonderfully like PC’s Torchlight - the bright colours with cartoonish graphics. You can even feed your pets and have access to more animals such as Ram, Frog, Drake and Owl later on in the game.

One of it's best feature is to play with your friends or other players in the game to take on quest together, with small coloured dots indicating where your companions are. There are also tonnes of side quests around. One shortcoming though, would be the loading of patches and game whenever I transit to another map. If you like Torchlight’s style of game play, then Arcane Legends will be one game for you on your mobile phone.


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    • ilikegames profile image

      Sarah Forester 3 years ago from Australia

      I didn't realise that there was so many free options out there, I love this genre but every good game seems to be a paid to play one, thanks for the list!