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Truely Free Gaming-Free Gaming Websites!

Updated on June 22, 2009

Sites To Play Online Games

Below you will find a list of the best sites on the web to play online games. These sites are all free to play in some instances you can become a member to earn extra prizes or tokens or to have access to other area's of play with in the site. I dont really use any of the sites for the extra cost but one site. I wont tell you which one because honestly I only use this one and dont think anyone else would be interested in what I am playing. I hope you will visit each site and decide for your self which ones you think are the best. thanks for stopping by.

Mini Clip

I use this website alot just because I like how simple it is for the games to load and that it doesnt take up alot of memory to run a game. I have a older computer and have not upgraded it alot and so therefore I dont like alot of sites that will take up a lot of memory and will load for hours at a time before I can even play and then I might lose my connection and therefore will have to start all over again. I do think this site could use some improvements but over all it is a nice site. I will on a daily basis visit this site to play a few games. I dont usually play alot of games anyways but will sit for a hour or so and play one game on this site. So here is the website I hope you enjoy the site. Visit and let us know what ya think of the site.


Club pogo is a site that I have used for several years and there for a while they were being promoted by subway and so I had earned a free membership to the pay portion of the site and didnt really notice anything different with in the members only area and the area that I had used without having to pay a membership fee. I do like most of the games on the site but sometimes they are so busy that it is hard to play a game because the site is so bogged down with all the people playing at one time. I like poppit the most and will sit for hours at a time while playing this game. Or I like the spelling games that you can play on this site as well. I hope you will enjoy this site as much as I do and will visit it often.

Club Live

Microsoft has started a gaming site which will allow you to earn tickets to cash in to win prizes and turn them in to get such items as XBOX and mp3 players and cameras and kitchenaid products. I dont use this site a whole lot but I enjoy some of the games. I dont like how long it takes to load a game and so there for I dont use it everyday but more like every other day. I usually only play the word duel game because it hands out more tickets than most of the games do and lets be honest I am not the brightest crayon in the box and so most of the games are a bit harder for me and I tend to get annoyed quickly and so I dont do very good on the games that they do have. It helps to have a higher speed connection and so therefore with my wifi that I have it takes that much longer to load the games. I hope you will visit their site and earn yourself some good prizes. Its a pretty simple site to manuever around. Thanks


This website has been around like pogo forever it seems like. I dont use this website alot because it seems like most of the games dont work with firefox and since that is the browser that I use the most It doesnt seem like this game site is one for me. But for everyone who uses Microsoft internet explorer you might enjoy this site. You can win tokens and such and if you live in a state that will allow you to add money and pay for the membership than you have the option to win cash. I dont live in a state that allows this so therefore I dont use this area either. I have seen them advertise all over the television though and so there fore I think they are updating their site and making more and more improvements since when they first started.


What can I say I think its pretty self explainatory here for this one dont you think. I dont use yahoo but only because I dont use this site for a whole lot of anything really. I use google for everything and my husband uses yahoo for his email but I dont like their email since I started using google mail. I dont even check my yahoo mail except for maybe once a month now or so. I dont like their games a whole lot cause it takes forever to find what you are looking for to play. I just dont want to look around a whole site to find a game that I will want to play.

Addicting Games

This is a fairly new website for me and I havent used it much to know a whole lot about how their games are and how much I enjoy them yet. I just came across this website while surfing the web and so therefore I dont have a whole lot I can say about their site. I do however like the fact that they are like miniclip games in the sense that the site looks just like miniclip and probbly somewhere down the line is ran by the same people I would guess. I like the fact that they are flash games and so therefore dont take much time to load and that they are also a free gaming site. hope you will visit them and learn more about them right along with me.

Daily Games

This website is very simuliar to the site listed right before It. I also have not been on this site for too long and so therefore I cant explain much about it except that it is a free game site that is free to play. I dont play a whole lot of games as my 3 year old requires alot of attention so when I do get on the computer I tend to either work or play just a few games that I know I can pause and come back to at some point or I either end up playing games on Nick JR which I dont think you will want to hear about. I dont much care for cartoons and so therefore Im not even going to list that website on this page either. so here is the link to the dailygames website.

Played Online

This website I think is in the process of updating and seems like it is a little behind in some aspects of gaming and seem like they dont have such good graphics and so it seems that you might want to play a game that is a little more up to date. I just started on this site as someone else gave me the site and had me check it out and so thats what I am doing now. I hope you will find some good sites in my posts and if you know of any will let me know as well.


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      Tracy Hasting 8 years ago


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      Tracy L Hasting 8 years ago


    • kephrira profile image

      kephrira 9 years ago from Birmingham

      Hi, interesting hub, theres a couple I didn't know that I will take a look at, thanks. For free martial arts and fighting games take a look at too.


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