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Free Sims 3 Custom Content | Better Buffet Tables

Updated on October 5, 2011

This is a set of three new meshes made by Sim modder Lhawk07, all of which can replace the standard 'Buffet Table' in buy mode. When I say replace, I of course mean that they simply become alternative options to the long gingham covered table that we've all been tossing large plates of turkey and garden salad onto for years. The three new meshes aren't all exactly new, at least two of them are existing meshes re-purposed as buffet tables, but I think you'll find yourself liking them regardless. Most all of these meshes are recolorable, so you can tweak them to suit the design aesthetic you have going on in your little sim world.

Buffet Picnic Table

This buffet table is a picnic table, which fits very well in your casual outdoor get togethers where a more formal buffet table on the grass just doesn't make any kind of sense. This, of course, is a reallocation of an old skin for a new purpose, but at least it is a reallocation that makes some kind of worldly sense.

Folding Buffet Table

Any good church social has a folding table that threatens to fall over if a little too much pressure is applied to one side or the other. This folding table will work wonders in your retro-sim themed homes (and let's face it, if you're not pretending that your sims all exist exclusively in the 1950's then you're probably doing something horrendously wrong.)

Buffet Bar

Probably my favorite of all these meshes, this is a simple reassignment of an old mesh for a new purpose. Bars are all very well and good, but they used to lack nibbles. Not anymore my friends, not anymore! This sim modder has put a buffet in your bar so you can eat buffet food whilst sipping a skill gain drink. (Note that this buffet bar doesn't actually function as both a buffet and a sim bar, it functions as a buffet whilst looking like a bar. Doubling up functions would cause the Sims 3 universe to fold up on itself and cry.

You can download all these meshes from Mod the Sims, a site you should be visiting regularly and supporting if you like free Sims 3 custom content that actually works. Mod the Sims is a community of dedicated modders who produce high quality Sims 3 content and mods for no charge whatsoever.

Download the Down To Earth Buffet Table Set!


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