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Free Sims 3 Furniture, Office and Living Room Sets

Updated on February 13, 2011

I don't know about you, but one of the great joys in my Sim 3 life is furnishing sim homes. Perhaps its because I myself live in a single story garbage can a la Oscar the grouch, or perhaps its because my dreams of interior design were thwarted in a horrible accident involving a shiny vampire and a pack of wolves. At any rate, nothing makes me happier than a nice, high quality free set of furniture for my Sims to blithely walk by on their way to the bathroom for the 20th time that day.

Ann's Office Furniture Set

It's not entirely clear who this shadowy figure Ann is, but from what we can see of her office, we know she's a slick professional who appreciates a nice curved desk unit from time to time.

The Ann's office set comes with a grand total of eight new meshes. Four of them are end tables, but we shouldn't let that get in the way of our enjoyment of this set. It is almost certain that without a multitude of end tables to, er, end tables with, furniture would be left sitting around without end. Things without end are annoying, like the song that does not end, for instance.

My favorite item in this set is the 'Sculpture Cabinet' which looks like it could hold a great deal of incriminating documents, ripe for shredding when Ann is brought down by a federal investigation. Oh Ann, you so crazy!]


Acrylic Living Room Set

An Acrylic Living Room Set might at first sound like something created by a four year old with unhindered access to crayons, but its actually a rather stylish affair with couches that have triangular shaped cushions that I find both aesthetically pleasing and probably quite satisfying. The Acrylic love seat comes with recolorable cushions, which is nice.

There's also a set of curtains designed to go with this set, something that is often overlooked in many modding efforts. Curtains maketh the room I always say. The fuzzy rug adds an aura of 70's charm, and the shiny shiny side table brought tears of joy to my eyes. Finally, a slightly opaque piece of furniture for the Sims to bang their shins on.


Note: The Furniture Sets featured in this article are available from The Sims Resource, an excellent Sims modding and resource site that offers both free downloads and premium content to members who wish to contribute to the site. If you're going to join a Sims 3 modding pay site, this is probably the site to join, not only are there hundreds of premium content downloads available to members, there are also lots of guides and tools available to help you create your own Sims 3 creations.


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