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How to get Free TF2 items

Updated on May 1, 2013

How to get free Team Fortress 2 items

In this guide I will show you a few ways of getting free TF2 items, there's two guides on this page that I will show you, the first guide is about how to get any type of TF2 item for free from the in-game TF2 store (keys, hats, weapons, crates, everything) The guide doesn't involve anything inside TF2, and you don't need download or send any information about your Steam account anywhere.

The other guide is how to get free Promotional TF2 items by unlocking certain achievements in TF and other Steam games, this is the easiest of the two guides but it's not as rewarding as the other guide because the items you can unlock are very limited, also you need to own a bunch of other games in order to get the Promotional items, but many of these games are free on Steam.

Just to be clear. None of the two guides involves, hacking, idling, scamming or any illegal activity that will set your account at risk or anything even near that.

So don't worry, these guides that I'm about to show you are legit and working guides that thousands of people are using already. Sounds like something for you? Then let's get started!


How to get Free TF2 items

This is the part of the guide where it gets interesting. I will show you a guide that has helped me a lot getting the items in TF2 that I want.

The guide is all about using a site called Points2Shop, on Points2Shop you get rewarded for doing tasks like completing surveys and watching videos, for each task you do you get either cash or points that you can exchange for free items in the TF2 item shop.

I won't lie and say this is great fun, doing these tasks take time and can be rather boring if you ask me. But I think it's worth it, I don't want to spend money on Team Fortress 2 but I still want hats, weapons and other items in-game, so this is a perfect solution for me, I give them my time and I do some surveys for example and then I get the TF2 items that I want. Boring but convenient for me.

If this sounds like something you would want to do then I suggest you check out the link down below there you can find the guide on how to get free TF2 items and learn more about Points2Shop.

It might not be anything for you, or it might, it's anyhow worth learning more about.

Free Hats and Promotional Items Guide

The second guide is all about unlocking achievements in TF2 and in other games and by doing so getting a bunch of Promotional Items in Team Fortress 2. A quick heads up though, these items that you can unlock, they will all be bound to your account, even if you melt the items down the items can't be traded with other people, so don't follow this guide in hopes of getting items that you can sell or trade for other items, these are just items that you and you only can use.

Down below I will include at list of all the achievements you need to unlock, in which game you need to play and which item it will reward you with.

Hat: Alien Swarm Parasite

Game Required: Alien Swarm

Alien Swarm is free on Steam, so just download it and play the game for awhile and you should unlock the achivment, "Hat Trick" which will give you the Alien Swarm Parasite hat in TF2.

Hat: Bolt Action Blitzer

Game Required: CrimeCraft GangWars

In order to get this hat in TF2 you need to download CrimeCraft GangWars on Steam (it's free) and play the game to level 6, it doesn't take long before you obtain that level so it's pretty easy.

Hat: The Flamingo Kid

Game Required: Super Monday Night Combat

Just play the game Super Monday night combat until level 5 to get this Sniper hat.

Hat: The Triclops

Game Required: Super Monday Night Combat

Reach level 20 in Super Monday Night Combat to get this Pyro hat in TF2.

Hat: Spiral Sallet

Game Required: Spiral Knights

Play Spiral Knight (which is free on Steam) and complete the Clockworks Terminal dungeon in the game to get this item.

Weapon: Black Rose

Game Required: Alliance of Valiant Arms

This game is also free, just create a character and complete the first stage of the game for this Spy weapon.

Free Team Fortress 2 Achievement Items

Hat: Ghastly Gibus

In order to get the Ghastly Gibus you need to dominate another player in TF2 that's wearing this hat, if you do so, you get the hat, simple as that. To dominate a player all you need to do is kill that player 3 times without him killing you.

Misc: Pyrovision Goggles

Complete the achievement "A Fresh Pair of Eyes" by dominating a player in TF2 that's wearing a pair of these goggles and they are yours.

Hat: The Full Head of Steam

To get this hat you need to complete the Foundry Milestone achievement, and to do so you need to complete 7 achievements in the Foundry Pack. Those achievements are all about playing the map cp_foundry in TF2, check out the achievement in-game or on Steam for more info.

Hat: Frontline Field Recorder

Achievement Required for this hat is the Local Cinema Star. This one is a bit tricky, you need to record and upload a replay of TF2 gameplay on Youtube and get 1000 views. Make sure you have tagged the video with Team Fortress 2.

Taunt: Director’s Vision

In order to get this in-game taunt you just need to record a replay in-game (F6 button) then go to the replay editor and edit your replay video some.

Misc: Professor Speks

Get these fantastic looking glasses by convincing somebody to go Premium on TF2, after they gone premium they need to choose you in the friend list and say that it was you who convinced them to go premium.


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