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Free online games!

Updated on July 8, 2016

A guide to finding the best free games online.

You may have tried to find some form of fun and interesting games online, and you probably failed too.

Don’t take it personally, because thats a common thing to happen now, and thats purely because of websites created to look like game websites, but actually attack you computer with virus’s, and half hearted attempts at websites that end you have to trawl through before getting to a good site.

So this is here for your own personal reference of good websites to play games on, which are all free, but have bonuses for anyone who is willing to pay a small amount of money.

1. Quick games

Wanna play a quick game that provides a short burst of excitement, to just fill up your 5 minute breaks? would be my most obvious suggestion, as this site offers a wide variety of games on a fairly large scale, all given on a beautifully laid out site. It also offers new games at a speed much faster than any other game providing website i have found so far.

Other good sites include, and

2. Real Time Browser Games

Browser games are a favorite of mine, however are disliked by many for the lack of seeing any/a lot of actual fighting, however the strategy involved in many of these are the reason i play, aswell as the community and social aspects too.

Favorites of mine involve and Supremacy 1914, both of which are very strategy based, with many great players online to help you get on the right tracks.

Although i love these games, they can get addictive, and can take up a majority of your time, so they do need handling well. But lets be honest, thats the same with any game - its the community on these games that draw you in, especially Tribal Wars.

Another good browser game is, which isn't a personal favorite, but is played by a massive majority, so i thought it would be beneficial to mention it, and im sure you may like it.


This is a complicated one to suggest for, so il give you the basics and you can go from there.

MMORPG stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing game. Its not always ‘Massively’ but i suppose if its multiplayer, they can use that abbreviation.

The most famous MMORPG’s are World of Warcraft and Runescape, both of which have millions of users, and get a lot of money for it. Runescape is free, and works lag free on almost any computer, even laptops. The only issue is that most of the game is hidden to non-paying players, so getting addicted isnt a good idea unless you plan on paying. However, this is still better than world of warcraft, which forces the user to pay £7 every month, adding up to £84 a year! And if that isn’t bad enough, this game takes some good computer power to run well, as even my Vista Home Premium can’t run the demo – and the Vista is one of Windows later models…

So, what are the best MMORPG’s?

Well, a group of game developers created ‘Adventure Quest’ a few years back, an RPG(not multiplayer), and after their success, they followed it with four more games(there may be more, but these are the most successful). The first was DragonFable, which was very similar to AdventureQuest. They then created MechQuest, another massive success, which took on a totally different storyline, and landscape. After these, they moved onto the MMORPG side and created two new games: AdventureQuest worlds, a multiplayer version of their first game, and Epic Duel, a whole new game, which uses the same combat system. These are great games, however they are aimed at slightly younger audiences, and may seem slightly boring for anyone over 16.

The other group of great quality MMORPG’s that i would recommend are created by ‘Aeria Games’. They have a lot of good games that they created in their website, but the best one in my opinion is ‘Last Chaos’, which is a magnificent game that runs on most computers, and has a never ending storyline that will keep you entertained for ages. And with good quality graphics that don’t look childish like most other MMORPG’s, this game can be played by any age group, because of the wide variety of what you can do.

So, thank you for reading, and i hope this helped you decide what games will suit you best.


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