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Frog Juice Game Rules and Review

Updated on April 5, 2013

Frog Juice Box

Frog Juice Game Rules And Review

I was looking for interesting games to play when I came across this one. I've taken some pictures of what the box looks like, what the rule page looks like (front and back), and what some of the cards look like. I read reviews from other people who have tried the game out who liked it and I thought I might as well give this game a try. This is a game that my whole family enjoys playing. I like how the cards look and it doesn't take that long to play. The estimated game play time given on the back of the box is 25 minutes.

This is a game for two to four players ages eight and up. The object of the game is to capture as many points as possible. Only certain cards have point values to them. The power cards or cards marked with a "P" on them are worth one point each. The ingredient cards are marked with numbers on the upper left corner of the card and have no value by themselves. However, the player with the most ingredient cards at the end of the game gets an additional two points. If there is a tie, both players get the additional two points.

Decide on a dealer and shuffle the cards. Each player gets four cards. Four cards are placed face up in the middle with the rest of the cards forming the draw deck. Player left of the dealer goes first.

This is how a turn is played: First draw up to four cards. Then take one of the following actions: capture cards from the center, play the Black Cat, play the Witch Card, play a Spell Card, or take no action and discard to end your turn. Once you completed your one action you may try to complete any incomplete spells you have on the table. To end your turn discard one card from you hand, if you have any cards to discard.

To capture cards, match a card that you have in your hand with one in the middle, add one or more cards to equal to numerical value of the card in your hand, or add one or more cards from your hand to equal the numerical value of a card in the center. Captured ingredient and power cards are placed in separate piles in front of you and are out of play for the rest of the game.

The Black Cat card allows you to take a Power card from another player's power card pile. The Witch Card allows you to sweep all the cards from the center. The All Purpose Witch Wash can be used in three different ways: capture a witch card in the center, counter another player's witch card and take all the cards that other player was taking, use a Witch card first and then counter yourself and take all the cards from the middle.

When playing a Spell Card, place it in front of you. To try to complete the spell card, first take any cards that you need from your own hand, second take any cards that you need from the center, and third ask the other players starting on your left and continuing clockwise for any other cards that you need. Incomplete spells can be completed later.

The game ends when there are no cards in the draw pile and no one else has any playable cards left. Incomplete spells and cards left in the middle do not count. Each power card that you have in your power card pile is worth one point. Add those points and if you have the most ingredient cards add another two points to your score. The player with the most points wins.

The rules for this game are fairly simple. The cards are easy to distinguish and the art work is nice. A player's turn is usually fast. The rules are easy to understand and easy to follow. Completing spells can be challenging sometimes, since sometimes all the ingredients required for a spell get captured before the spell shows up. I've played this game many times with my family and everyone seems to have fun playing this game. I consider this game a good game purchase.

Frog Juice Rules

Card Pictures


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