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FrontierVille Cheats and Tricks

Updated on July 24, 2011

FrontierVille By Zynga

FrontierVille Cheats and Tricks, A New Game For Facebook

 Zynga is back with the release of their newest game FrontierVille. This game is taking Facebook by storm as have many of their successes have such as FarmVille,Cafe World, Mafia Wars, and others.

FrontierVille is a breath of fresh air in that it seems to combine the best of Zynga's previous games in to a new game as opposed to the same exact game with a different theme. Think FarmVille meets Mafia Wars.

In FrontierVille you are out to conquer the wild west. You start with a plot of land and a wagon and will eventually try to build that up into your very own frontier town. This game, like other popular Zynga games, relies on your interaction with your neighbors as a big part of the gameplay. FrontierVille actually takes the interaction to another level as this is really a huge part of the game, bigger then in previous games.

What many people like about this game is that it takes all the popular parts of FarmVille to the next level. Now you can get married and have kids making it possible to control multiple game avatars. In FarmVille you would simply lose crops if you didn't keep up with them but in FrontierVille your land can become overgrown and even taken over by wild animals like bears and wolves.

There are different missions that need to be completed in order to move the story along and help ou advance. Basically the game actually has a bit more of a storyline to it making it even more addictive.

Your game can be effected by weather as well and you will have to fend off intruding critters like snakes and groundhogs. FrontierVille just seems to have a lot more stuff to do which will keep it interesting for a lot longer, and its only been out for a 2 months. It was released June 2010.

FrontierVille has grown very quickly in popularity and with the colder winter months coming it will only get bigger. Read below for some tips and tricks to get you ahead of the pack. Enjoy FrontierVille Cheats and Tricks

FrontierVille, Getting Started

 When you start off in FrontierVille you will be introduced to the game by Frontier Jack. Frontier Jack gives you a general rundown of the game but is also like a neighbor so you can visit him to earn coins and bonuses.

You have our plot of land and wagon and it's time to get to making this your new home. Just click on the goals button to see what needs to be done and in what order. It's a good idea to stick to the order of the goals, especially in the beginning, so you don't use up resources and energy that you may need for a different task later on.

After you get the hang of the game invite your friends as you will need neighbors to advance in the game. If you don't have a lot of friends playing see if hey want to give it a go. You may be the final straw to getting them in on the fun. If you really want to get a lot of neighbors check out fanpages ond blogs about FrontierVille. You can also leave a comment below if you want to get neighbors, just ask for the invite.

Check your daily bonuses by going to the weather button. This will tell you the weather for the day as well as your bonus items and coins. If you can you should check in every day to collect your bonuses, you can literally do this in a matter of minues and its a huge plus.

Like most Zynga games you have coins and then a themed currency. The themed currency in FrontierVille is Horseshoes. Horseshoes are harder to get, you get one every time you level up, and these should be saved for important purchases. For certain levels you will need horseshoes to move up to the next level. You start out with 10 horseshoes.

Coins are easily earned and you get them for almost everything you do. As you play you will find the quickest way to build up a fast coin stash is to plant fast growing crops, harvest them, reinvest in seeds to grow more of the same crops and watch your coin total rise quickly.

Like FarmVille and other games, gifting is also a big part of FrontierVille. You are allowed to give a maximum of 30 gifts per day. Make sure to give them all out so you receive 30 gifts in a day as well. If you only give out 10 gifts chances are less likely that you will get more then 10 in return unless you have some extremely nice neighbors.

You need to keep up your energy in FrontierVille as well. You start at 10 energy points and use 1-2 energy everytime you perform a task. You can recoup 1 energy point every 5 minutes or eat something to regain your energy quickly. Keep an eye on your energy when performing bigger tasks.

These are just a few startup tips to get you going. Keep coming back for more as I will try to keep this updated.

Frontierville Secrets, Cheats and Tricks 100% legal

Frontierville Cheats and Tricks — How to Get More Energy

In Frontierville, energy is a very valuable and scarce resource. You will need it to work. Without it, you will not be able to harvest crops, chop woods, or feed the animals.

However, energy is easily lost. Each time you do something you eat up one energy. This means you can run out of it if you continue to work on certain things. Fortunately, there are different ways on how you can regain or increase your energy.

FrontierVille Secrets will show you various tips on prolonging your gameplay by sustaining your energy as well as other totally legal tips and tricks to get the biggest and best frontier of all your friends faster then you thought possible.

Here are some tips to get and maintain more energy so you can get more stuff done.

1) Eating
Naturally, eating will give you energy. You can get food by planting and harvesting crops and animals. You can use them to buy meals from the marketplace. There are 7 meals in the market you can choose from. They range from light snacks to all you can eat meals.

2) Taking a rest and waiting
When you take a rest for five minutes, you regain 1 energy point. The longer you take a rest, the more energy you will earn back.

3) Sending and receiving free gifts
There is a Free Gifts area where you can pick items to send to your friends. You can send meals to your friends or ask them to give you one. These free items can give your energy bar a boost, so don't take them for granted.

4) Completing collections
Every time you finish a task, you can get bonus items. These items, when completed, can yield items that can include energy boosts.

5) Keep working
Working has its rewards. By working on your farm—tilling the land, harvesting crops, and feeding your animals. Even clobbering snakes and rats and clearing rocks from your land will yield energy in the form of a lightning bolt.

Most eager players look for quick ways to boost their energy. This is why they go crazy over Frontierville cheat codes. Cheats provide them a way to get ahead their friends and become the ultimate landlord.

Discover more great Frontierville tricks in FrontierVille Secrets, the best guide on how to play Frontierville.

Scaring a Bear in FrontierVille

FrontierVille or FarmVille

Which game do ou like better, FarmVille or FrontierVille or another Zynga Game

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