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FrontierVille Guide : Zynga Family Album

Updated on January 13, 2012


Frontierville is the most recent game released by zynga, which has released awesome games like farmville, café world on the internet. This game consists of features of many games. You can do farming, fight varmints, have a family and even have a town of your own.

This is an unofficial guide to the game and it is created to help people find a way to start and continue with the game in a healthy and competant way.

To start the game go to the link and start playing.

Choosing Avatar

Avatar is the character that appears on your frontierville screen known as the homestead. You can select your avatar at the start up of the game. When you start frontierville for the first time then it asks you to choose your look. Select the gender and click on random to randomise the features or select custom to manually select features like outfit, hair, skin, face shape, eyes, mouth, nose, eye brows and ears which are common to both sexes and make up for females and facial hair fir males.

If you selected wrong avatar or just want to change things in your avatar ata a later time then click on my stuff button at the bottom right corner and then select family album from there. Click on the customize button under the name of the character you want to change and follow the steps to change the avatar.

Onscreen Buttons and Notifying Icons

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Leveling Guide

Leveling up in frontierville is similar to leveling up in other zynga games like farmville, cafe world etc. You gain experience by doing work like chopping, clearing off ground, purchasing building and other similar stuff. Actually everything you do on frontierville will provide you experience point and hence you level up.

Leveling Guide


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    • Laura Ginn profile image

      Laura Ginn 6 years ago from UK

      Oh wow I got too obsessed with this game and had to force myself to stop playing it lol. The same goes for cityville, the treasure game, farmville and cafe world... will not play them any more hehe :D

    • profile image

      Van Gaver Luc 7 years ago

      My comment for the game I keep for a later stadioum but I like to tell that it is difficult to folow up becorse I'm flamich and there is no basic guide to explain things.I understand englich but dont understand the exsplised things wel unough . But I stay playing and hope to do good things.

    • omgbtw0 profile image

      omgbtw0 7 years ago from South Carolina

      Great Frontierville information. I am level 27 right now, it is a blast!