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Frontierville 7 NEW But Maybe Slightly Old Tips To Get Ahead

Updated on April 5, 2011

Easy tips to get ahead

Getting ahead in Frontierville can be quite hard if you don't have alot of neighbours as it relies heavily on co operation from facebook friends. On top of that, some neighbours may not be active which makes them more of a hinderance than a help. Using the following tips can help you get around that.

Most Frontierville missions call for you to publish requests to your facebook wall asking friends for items. Neighbours click on your items and in return receive one for themselves. They can also receive bonus coins, food, a myriad of other in game helpfuls. The catch here, is that your requests can only be clicked on 5 times before they expire, and thats assuming your friends will. Not much help when you need anywhere from 10 to 20. Which brings me to tip number 1.

1. Gift Links

Handiest and speediest way to get mission items together that I've come across. Basically anything that can be published to your facebook wall and homepage can be turned into a gift link.

Pretty easy 'how to' guide.

  • When a request is published to your wall, open your profile page in a new tab to avoid the hassle of skipping from game to link making.
  • Click on the requests on your wall, the ones you just posted. It will show you an empty box saying it's all out of rewards, it's not, it's just that you clicked on your own link.
  • When on the 'empty rewards' page, copy the link in the address bar. You've just made your gift link!

Savvy gamers have created gift link pages for a lot of these casual games and Frontierville savvy gamers are no different. Pasting your gift link exposes you to more people who can take over the 'gift giving' function of neighbours. Handy.

Just one search of Frontierville in the facebook searchbar and it will show many community pages ranging from high level players to add and invite pages for players seeking neighbours.

Etiquette on gift link pages is rather simple. The walls are full of other players gift links, some are labelled, some aren't. Check out the other players links, it's an excellent way to get your building materials together. If you gather items off a players link, it's customary to "like" their status on the wall, this notifies them letting them know who gave them the items, and once you paste your link, they will return the favour.

This is beneficial for the people that want to get alot of materials together but are not in the business of adding anybody and everybody to their friends list for the sake of a game.

From each link you can get 5 of the item you posted for before the rewards run out. But that doesnt stop you from collecting from other peoples gift links, you can collect 50 items a day this way, the counter under each item you receive lets you know how many you have left until the next update.

Duplicate requests can't be reposted straight away, there is generally a downtime, but if you do it twice a day, you'll get your mission items together fast.

2. Poaching Walls

Visitors to homesteads leave gifts behind after tending crops, animals and so on. They can leave building materials and school supplies needed for in game missions. A common term coined in this game is 'riding the wall'. This is where you keep an eye on your newsfeed for any neighbours requests or gifts they've left you while visiting.

Poaching walls is relatively the same, except that you can collect bonuses left for other people on friends walls by their visitors, which don't show up on your newsfeed. You can collect 30 of these a day, and they don't have to be from your own wall, or intended for you.

You can collect them from any wall you like. Poaching walls doesn't take the gift off that neighbour, they still get it as well. Comes in handy for school missions.

3. Pest Pooling

Trying to clear your homestead? Snakes and bears popping up everywhere? Energy used to get rid of these pests can add up pretty fast. In game pests can only be spawned once until they are scared off your homestead. Leaving them in place while trying to clear debris and trees off your homestead is a useful tip. Leave a bear in a clump of trees while you cut down everything on your homestead. Leave a snake in a patch of grass while you clear debris, you get the picture.

Leaving pests can help get clearing done on your homestead, and as they inhibit the growth of anything within a small area, you can rest assured nothing is gonna be springing up around them if they're left for a bit. Leaving them near your stock is not a good idea, anything you have to tend near them will require 2 energy instead of 1 so it's handy to cut a tree on the edge of your territory until you spawn a bear, then go about your tree chopping.

4. Double Gift Glitch

Accepting gifts in the 'game requests' tab from your home page lets you accept all the goodies given to you by your neighbours. A zynga glitch on the Frontierville gamescreen lets you collect these same goodies a second time. It's instant double up. At the top right hand corner of the gamescreen is a little red 'Z' icon. This is where you accept duplicates of the gifts you just collected. Good to know when care packages are needed.

5. Care Package Relevance

Care packages are gifted by neighbours. They can contain anything and are the most useful gifts in the game. Some mission items can easily be made on your homestead, it's best to get those out of the way so that care packages can be used for more valuable items. Having a care package give you a sawhorse because you need 4, isn't the handiest thing when you already have the resources to make those, but the shampoo bottles you've been waiting for your friends to send? Now there's a good use.

What you have in your wishlist also affects your care packages, if you keep building supplies on your wishlist care packages are more likely to contain them.

6. Collection Cramming

Collections acquired from doing daily chores on your homestead can actually have some pretty useful rewards. Saving all the collections up until you need them pays off more than trading them in as soon as you get them. Some trade in for one off items used to craft bigger better items in the nifty frontier buildings.

Rewards are usually animals, trees, but in some collections can be energy, school supplies and mission item crafting supplies. Trading in a bunch of energy rewarding collections can work out better than drip feeding a few energy here and there.

7. Visiting Neighbours

Last tip, but the one best known, is visit your neighbours. You don't have to tend anything, you get rewards just by showing up there, but tending their homesteads lets you leave gifts. Also tending neighbour crops and stock is a requirement of some missions.

That's all there is to it. Getting ahead needn't be as hard as it sounds. Using other peoples gift links allows you to collect items for missions you haven't even started yet, helping you to get a jump on them before they even come up. You don't need a hundred neighbours to make it in this game and you don't need to buy horseshoes either. Just a little info and you're on your way.

© 2010 courtneyk all rights reserved


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