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Fruit Ninja Mobile Game Tips and Tricks Guide

Updated on December 3, 2014

Game Modes

Like all great mobile games, Fruit Ninja gives you multiple avenues to enjoy:

  1. Classic Mode - Your objective is to get as many points as possible by slashing fruit, getting combos and surviving. The key is that you lose when you miss three pieces of fruit. So if you're slashing away, and an orange falls off the bottom of the screen then you've missed a piece of fruit. More importantly, if you slash a bomb then it's an instant Game Over.
  2. Arcade Mode - The name of the game is speed and combos. You've got 60 seconds to maximize your score. Your only chance is to get a lot of combos and string them together. And to add a little spice to your coffee, special banana power ups are thrown in so you can get temporary upgrades like slow motion or double points. You can even have power ups overlap which really lets you pile on the points! And when you've gotten to the end of 60 seconds, you're served up a pomegranate which you can repeatedly slice for extra points.
  3. Zen Mode - If the stress of evading the bombs has gotten to you, then you can play on Zen Mode. It's peaceful, easy, and appropriate for kids of all ages.

A Two Year Journey

I've been playing Fruit Ninja on and off for over two years now. It's one of my favorite games because I can jump right in and start having a good time within seconds, and yet it keeps me coming back because I'm fighting to improve my high score and unlock all the goodies.

It's also been hugely successful with hundreds of millions of downloads and multiple versions including the Puss in Boots version from Shrek. But somehow I feel like I'm not the only one looking to get a head up on the competition, so let's go over the basics and then into some tips and tricks.

Fruit Ninja!

Fruit Ninja!
Fruit Ninja! | Source

Combos - The Building Block of Big Scores

So as you've played, you're probably wondering how you ended up with a 99 score without actually swiping 99 pieces of fruit. Therein lies the value and need for combos! Combos deliver score bonuses and combo-ed combos result in even greater bonuses. Combos of course are when you slice multiple fruit with a single slash within a second.

  • 3 combos = Combo Blitz which is worth a bonus of 5
  • 6 combos = Great Blitz which is worth a bonus of 10
  • 9 combos = Awesome Blitz which is worth a bonus of 15
  • 12 combos = Super Blitz which is worth a bonus of 20
  • 15 combos = Hyper Blitz which is worth a bonus of 25
  • 18 combos = Unbelievable Blitz which is worth a bonus of 30

On a personal note, I've gotten the Hyper Blitz several times but never seem to make it to Unbelievable. I must strive even harder!

Fruits - Regular and Special

Regular fruits award you one point and are well...regular:

Watermelons, Pineapples, Mangoes, Coconuts, Red Apples, Lemons, Limes, Kiwis, Green Apples, Strawberries, Pears, Peaches, Oranges, Plums, and I think that's everything.

Special fruits award you with bonuses:

Dragon fruits - These guys are rare but if you see one, make sure you slice it. They're worth a whopping 50 points apiece.

Pomegranates - As mentioned above, you'll sometimes see the mighty pomegranate at the end of a level. It'll hover in the middle of the screen so you can slice it repeatedly and get lots of points. I'm frequently in the 20s before it bursts.

Double Bananas - Double points

Freeze Bananas - Everything slows down so you have more time to react and to line up your combos.

Frenzy Bananas - Slice one of these and you'll have fruit flying in from everywhere. Slice one of these while you have a freeze or double bonus and you're really bringing in the big points.

Fruit Ninja 1000 Score

Tips and Tricks

Now on to the fun stuff, let's talk tips!

  1. Mix short and long swipes. If you sense or see bombs, then you're going to depend on short swipes so that you don't prematurely end the level. But if all you're doing are short swipes, then you will end up with no combos and eventually you are going to wear down and swipe a bomb. So with this in mind, when the coast is clear, swipe long and shoot for those combos!
  2. Slice at the apex. As with all things that are thrown from the side or bottom, there's a temporary moment when fruit hit their apex and they are not rising up or falling down. This gentle pause is the perfect time to rain fury and swipe through it.
  3. Don't be ashamed of power ups. As you play you'll unlock more starfruit that you can use for power ups that can make you invincible against bombs, or extra time in Arcade mode. It's all about the final score, so use your hard earned starfruit and strive for the top!
  4. Try playing upside down. It's not for everyone, but playing upside down is the way one of my friends reaches her high scores. Seeing the fruit dip down before rising takes away the anxiety or idea of fruit falling and hitting the ground. When you play upside down, fruit just sorta rise into the ether.
  5. One finger only please. Trust me, your screen is small enough as it is so don't cover it with 2 or 3 fingers. Likewise, unless you're playing on a 20" tabletop screen, don't both trying to play with a friend unless he/she is crazy good at the game. The game is designed to sense one touch so any more than that will also throw things off.

Fruit Ninja

5 stars for Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja Bananas

Fruit Ninja Bananas
Fruit Ninja Bananas | Source

Slice and Dice

So now that you're armed with some tips, go wipe off your finger and get to work! Slice and dice all the way to 1000 if you can, and let me know how it's going. And if you can think of any other tips, do share and I'll update the Hub.

Thanks and good luck!


DealForALiving | Source

About DealForALiving

I believe that being frugal and making smart money choices is like any other exercise. As we continue to practice good habits in saving money where possible, finding deals for what we want, and having a good time at it, then we become better at dealing for a living.

I'm committed to sharing my experiences with getting the most out of using credit cards, saving and spending tips, and I might even add a slice of perspective without trying to be a psychoanalyst like some other personal finance folks out there.

Please let me know what you think and if you'd like to hear my take on a specific topic.

Most Sincerely,


PS. I've also started writing on my own site:

Fruit Ninja Combo

Fruit Ninja Combo
Fruit Ninja Combo | Source


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    • DealForALiving profile image

      Sam Deal 3 years ago from Earth

      Thanks for writing in Pawpawwrites!

    • Pawpawwrites profile image

      Jim 3 years ago from Kansas

      The tips and tricks of any game are great to know. I have more games than I can keep up with right now though.

    • DealForALiving profile image

      Sam Deal 3 years ago from Earth

      Yes, you've got to play it. It's simple and somewhat addictive. Hope you enjoy it!

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 3 years ago from Southern Illinois

      I,ve never heard of this game, but it sounds like fun to play, i'll give it a whirl. Thank's for the tips...