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Trivia, the Exercise For The Brain

Updated on May 28, 2020

Game of Trivia

Game of Trivia
Game of Trivia

Benefits of Playing Trivia

There's a lot to be said about Trivia. The knowledge that one can absorb while at the same time, have fun and enjoy social mingling. It's not like being in school, having homework, studying, having a test. No, this is like a game, fun, and entertaining. We will probably retain much more learning this way.

Tony Hightower, Master of Trivia

Tony Hightower
Tony Hightower

Tony Hightower's Career

Hightower won a quarter of a million dollars on the show Who wants To Be a Millionaire, is a Jeopardy Champion, won on Cash Cab. Hightower serves as executive director of Quizzing North America. He has hosted trivia nights for over a decade.

And, what did he do with his winning? He had laser surgery to eliminate contacts, got married, honeymooned for a month, and bought an Eames lounge chair, and started Trivia NYC.

Hightower also emcees the Trivia Championship of North America held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Hightower never went to college and left home at 16. He floated around doing low-paying jobs and, at times, slept in his van on the street. His humble beginnings have led him to new heights today. For years he 'ran' his business from his one-bedroom condo and only recently realized he needed an office.

In 2008, he lost his job, the recession was rampant, and he realized Trivia seemed to be the thing he was best at and working. He began telling his audiences he was booking private parties, and his phone starting ringing, and he was on his way.

He believes that people who are good at Trivia are voracious readers and able to process information quickly. So, he suggests always stay curious, watch Jeopardy, always absorb information.

Tony Hightower's Home Office

Tony at Home
Tony at Home

A Few Trivia Questions of History

Here are a few questions, answers in bold:

Who discovered the Columbia River? Robert Gray

What year was capital punishment first used in Oregon? 1850

Who was executed? Five Cayuse Indians by hanging

What year was the first subway in New York opened? 1904

Where is the longest covered bridge in the U.S.? Ashtabula River, Ohio

Who was Charles Lindberg's passenger? Henry Ford

What percent of the world population can solve Rubick's Cube? 5.8%

How many books are in the Chicago Public Library? Over 2 million

A Few Questions of Music

Questions about music answers in bold

What is Miley Cyrus' real name? Destiny Hope Cyrus

Who founded Motown? Berry Gordy, Jr.

Who wrote Patsy Cline's song "Crazy"? Willie Nelson

What is Taylor Swift's lucky number? 13

Where was Madonna born? Bay City, Michigan

What was Miley Cyrus' first song? Breakout

What is Jon Bovi's real name? John Francis Bongiovi, Jr.

What was Ariana Grande's first single? Put Your Hearts Up

What is the biggest selling music single of all time? Candle in the Wind,

by Elton John

A Few Trivia Questions in Sports

When were the first ancient Olympic Games held? 760 B.C.

What movie did Nick Saban play himself in? The Blind Side

What year was the NCAA founded? 1906

Who won the Final Four in 2017? North Carolina

What year did the Kansas Chiefs win the Super Bowl? 2020

What was the average salary for NHL players in 1965? $6,000.

When was the first radio broadcast of MLB? August 5, 1921

In what year did Arnold Palmer serve in Coast Guard? 1951-54

What year did elements become mandatory in the NFL/? 1939

Who received the NFL MVP Award for 2018? Patrick Mahomes

Trivia Today

Today, Trivia is held in countless bars and restaurants across the country. Some are played daily and more on weekends. Many private parties, college dorms, schools, all hold Trivia games.

It is now such a popular game that many have become almost addicts of it. The game can be played with any number of people involved, and there is no age limit. This remains an easy, fun game for everyone.

Compton's Trivia is a book, priced right with a variety of subjects and easy to read.


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