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Fun Hidden Games to Play on Any Mac

Updated on July 10, 2012

Do you ever get bored at home with nothing to do? What would happen if you didn't have internet? Waiting for someone or something? Never find yourself in one of these situations again. There is any easy fix for your problems and it doesn't require supped up computers or even any additional payments.

Many Mac users find themselves in positions where there is nothing for them to do. There is the chess that came with your computer or the endless app store full of games. However, the latter can cost money and the former can get really boring really fast. But I bet you didn't know there is more than meets the eye. Every new Mac comes with a host of potentially awesome games the user can play. No, these games do not have awesome graphics, or are readily available on the launch pad, but I assure you these games are quite good. In this hub, I will present you with a list of readily available Mac games that I have compiled.

Before I start telling you the games you have to understand how to open them as this is what really defines the accessibility of these games. To begin, you must first open terminal which can be found in your apps folder under the Utilities folder. Just open the app that says terminal. Once open you must type the command "emacs" without the quotation marks. You will then be taken to a screen with a bunch of writing that means nothing to you. The final step is to hit "esc + x" simultaneously and enter the name of the game you would like to play.

Screenshot of 5x5
Screenshot of 5x5
Example of Dunnet gameplay
Example of Dunnet gameplay


This list is compiled in no particular order and the bold headings define the name of the game which you must enter after pressing "esc + x."

1. 5x5- The object of this game is to fill up a 5x5 square those pound symbols (#). A 4x4 square of #'s represents 1 square. All you need is the arrow keys to move where you want to go and the spacebar. With that information, you should have an understanding of the game in no time. The developers don't even give you any directions.

2. Blackbox- This is quite a hard game that is just as hard to explain. The idea is to fire beams into a box to find objects. You can get an awesomely helpful explanation here.

3. Dunnet- This game is definitely one* of my favorites although I have absolutely zero understanding of the main goal. It is a text based adventure game where you have to command yourself through some sort of map. If you are the creative type, you should have no problem as you decide what your character must do as it comes across obstacles. On the other hand, if you are not creative, this should increase your creativity.

4. Gomoku- Another difficult game that challenges your mind. It is a 5 in a row game that is very similar to connect 4, but the difficulty comes from the fact that there is a much larger space to work with. I have not yet beaten it, but it is not impossible as my friend has won multiple times.

5. Snake- There's nothing new here. The same game you used to play on your old Nokia cell phones with one exception, your using a computer, once again, arrow keys to move.

6. Tetris- Another classic. Not much has changed since playing it on your old Nintendo systems. Up and down arrows to rotate the block and the left and right arrows to move left and right.

There is a whole possibility of games you can play on your Mac using emacs. You should never say you're bored again. There are also fun little apps that can be used to have fun. Just search "emacs games" and you should find an even wider range of games to play.

Attention Hubbers

If you find any spelling or grammatical mistakes let me know. I will highlight my mistake and let everyone know you corrected my mistake by linking to your profile. This is something new I am trying to see if I can improve the quality of my writing.


*Was "on" now "one." Correction made by Winterfate, check out his awesome hubs!


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    • redwards01 profile image

      redwards01 5 years ago from Bermuda

      @Winterfate Thanks for both the encouraging words and the help on making my hubs better. The correction is acknowledged at the bottom of this hub.

    • Winterfate profile image

      Darrin Perez 5 years ago from Puerto Rico

      Hey there redwards01! First of all, thanks for the interesting hub. Voted up and interesting. I am more of a Windows guy, but I've used Macs before. Didn't know that there were hidden games for the operating system. :D

      As for your last paragraph, I re-read your hub to see if I could find anything written wrong. I found a typo.

      "In the part of the hub that says:

      3. Dunnet- This game is definitely on

      on should be one."

      Besides that, there are one or two things that sound stuffy to me, but are not necessarily grammatical mistakes, so I'm wary of mentioning them.

      Keep up the good work! :)