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Fun Things To Do On RuneScape!

Updated on August 4, 2010

It Gets Too Boring.

Just about everyone who has played RuneScape will come to a phase of complete boredom; Nothing to do, no more quests, your'e tired of skilling, and sometimes go through effort just to go online.

Sometimes, you might just log in to do this:

Boring, huh?
Boring, huh?

Yup, you get online just to do nothing but sit. Unfortunately, as long as there are no content updates, you'll continue to get bored. Fortunately, if you can Change the way you play your account, you'll less likely get bored. There are three things you have to look for when your'e searching for an activity that's fun.

1. Danger. Is what you're doing dangerous? Does it include risking something? Do you have to pay attention to the screen to not lose any items?

2. Challenge. Is what your'e doing making you competitive? Is the difficulty of it stretching beyond your safe zone? Are you more determined in this activity?

3. Communication. This is probably one of the most important of the three. Do you need to communicate with other people in order to do the activity?

With this, you can rate activities out of 3. If the activity you chose has less than 2 of these elements, it's not recommended to do them.

Let's take The Great Orb Project minigame for example. I would give it a 2 out of 3. Why? You need to communicate with your team in order to do well in this game, and it also offers a challenge; To compete against the other team. This game already has Challenge and Communication.

Of course, The Great Orb Project is not the only game that includes elements of fun.

The best activity to do in order to trigger Danger, Challenge, and Communication is Revenant Hunting.

It's fun to try to kill these creatures roaming the wilderness.
It's fun to try to kill these creatures roaming the wilderness.

Revenants are the creatures that roam in the wilderness and kill every player in this path, using all sides of the combat triange. I can easily give them a 3/3. Why? It requires you to get out of a safe-zone into a place where you can't use a teleport. Other than that, you have to switch on specific prayers in order to prevent massive damage sent to you. Food is also vital if you want to survive doing this, and there's a risk of losing your items if you aren't careful enough. Dangerous enough, I assume? The danger will keep you hooked on more than ever.

Besides that, there's a challenge; To try to kill those revenants. Revenants are actually one of the most difficult creatures in the game, simply because they can heal just like players do, and probably heal even faster. You can earn a name for yourself in World141 or just a sense of achievement from killing Revenants.

The last thing, is communication. There are a lot of people today that Rev hunt together. Usually, there are different roles for revenant hunting, which include a scout, two fighters, and a K.O person. In Revenants hunting, you have to communicate with those people in order to be organized and work properly, thus making a lot of communication amongst friends or clanmates.

With having Danger, Challenge, and Communication, Revenant hunting is simply one of the funnest activities ever. I will write an article about revenant hunting soon and show the proper techniques and armour.

Of course, you don't need to do any of those activities just to have fun in runescape. Sometimes, you can even have danger in a lot of other skills.

Lets take mining for example. Normally, you'd be in the mining guild or whatever mining spot and just swing your pick all day, bored of the atmosphere. Why don't you change how you play a bit? In other words, why not try mining in the wilderness? It's definitely a risk and reward activity. Since no one goes into the wilderness, most of these mines are empty, which means it's less crowded, but you also have to watch out for your life points, and other monsters like revenants. It's a simple change in how you play that can affect how fun it is.


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      Nitrous Oxide 7 years ago

      Awesome. I'm sure to try these on my account.