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Fun Trivia A Variety Of Questions On Different Topics

Updated on July 19, 2014
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Little About Trivia

Trivia has an unknown beginning from which it first came about. Long ago in ancient times the word meant "something new". Now in the 15th century, the term meant unimportant matters, more or less it wasn't important enough to be concern about out. The first trivia quiz begin on February 5, 1965 which seems to be a popular game. National Trivia Day, January 4, 2015 is on Sunday, which honors those who know a lot of facts.

There are some who think of trivia as a waste of time with a bunch of useless facts while others enjoy learning new facts. Really it depends on the person. Trivia may be considered a bunch of old dried up facts but there are those who enjoy playing the games and then are those who take pride in knowing the facts who considers them interesting.

Along the way, you'll find some interesting history about different questions that will be asked. Answers will be in the next post as this is a two part post, so why not try playing this trivia against family and friends. Who will be the winner in the group you play against or maybe you will play in teams.

Types Of Trivia Questions

What type of trivia questions do you like?

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About The Poll

When the end of my poll is over the ones with the most amount of votes, I'll do a trivia on the chosen topic. If a subject is not listed please leave the topic in the comment section. Your welcome to leave a comment as I enjoy them. After thirty days, I'll gather the results, then post the new trivia questions. Enjoy and have fun playing against family and friends.

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Butterfly's Facts

Going from left to right these are the types of butterfly's:

  • Agraulis Vanillae Butterfly Insect
  • Blue Butterfly Flower
  • Blue Morpho Butterfly
  • Butterfly Grove Park
  • Butterfly Lepidoptera Machaon

The butterfly comes in many different colors and patterns with a variety in size ranging from 1/8 inch to almost 12 inches in size. They can see colors, yellow, red and green. If their body temperature gets below eighty-six degrees, they won't be able to fly. A butterfly top speed is 12 miles per hour, while a moth can fly at speeds of 25 miles per hour. A butterfly will taste with their feet so they can tell if the leaves are okay to lay their eggs on.

A Monarch butterfly makes about a two thousand mile (one way) trip every winter and spring, traveling in winter from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico and then in the spring traveling back to the Great Lakes. On the Continent of Antarctica there are no Lepidoptera butterflies. They have two pairs of large wings that come in many colors and patterns from each different species.

There are around 24,000 different species of butterflies but there are around 140,000 moths that were counted all over the world.

There are twenty-one species of butterflies that have been listed on the Endangered Species Act as endangered with two species listed as likely to become endangered. The IUCN Red List a 136 species ranging status as least concerned, vulnerable, endangered, extinct in the wild, and to extinct. Information came from Defenders Of Wildlife.

True or False Trivia Questions Round 1

These questions are either true or false.

  1. A person eyes will remain the same size from birth throughout their lives. T / F
  2. A person ears and nose stop growing once they reach teenage years. T / F
  3. Ants never sleep, they are constantly busy. T / F
  4. Babies have kneecaps when they are borne. T / F
  5. A person will sneeze with their eyes open. T / F
  6. The original name for the butterfly was flutter. T / F
  7. One of dynamite ingredients is peanuts. T / F
  8. Dogs and cats are either left or right handed. T / F
  9. Charlie Chaplin once won third place in a look alike contest. T / F
  10. All polar bears are left handed. T / F
  11. Honey will spoil if left in the sun. T / F
  12. All bats will go left when they exit their cave. T / F
  13. Coca Cola was originally green. T / F
  14. A camel's milk will spoil. T / F
  15. Moths cannot fly during a earthquake. T / F
  16. Hippo's milk is pink. T / F
  17. A crocodile can stick its tongue out 1/2 inch or more. T / F
  18. A dolphin can't taste anything. T / F
  19. A whale can only taste salt. T / F
  20. A male tiger adopted a litter of orphan cubs. T / F

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Ostrich Facts

The ostrich is the largest living bird of the world but it cannot fly. Known to roam Africa Savanna Desert lands, and most of the time Ostrich's water supply comes from plants eaten. The above picture of the one Ostrich was taken by Carsten Peter and its called: Portrait Of A Ostrich.

  • Sprint at speeds up to forty-three miles per hour.
  • Run over distance at thirty-one miles per hour.
  • Use wings as rudders to turn with.
  • Can kill humans, and loins with a powerful kick.
  • Each two toed feet has a very sharp claw.
  • Live in small herds where one male and female are dominate.
  • Dominate hen and dominate male take care of all the eggs, even other hens eggs which they put in the dominate hen nest.
  • One egg is equal to two dozen chicken eggs in weight.
  • Feed on plants, roots, seeds and will eat lizards, insects and other types of insects, depending on harsh environment is.
  • Life span is 30 to 40 years.
  • Largest eye of any land animals which is almost 2 inches across.
  • Their weight is between 220 to 350 pounds and their height is 7 to 9 feet tall.

Trivia Quiz Round 2 - Fill In The Blank

These here you need to fill in the correct answer from the list.

  1. ________ was so fast they slowed the film to see his moves.
  2. Almond is a member of what family. _________
  3. Apple is a member of what family. ____________
  4. A fifteen word without repeating letters. __________
  5. Only rock that floats in water. __________
  6. ______ can make about a 100 different faces.
  7. A bank robber played professional baseball. _________
  8. Where is it legal to marry dead people.__________
  9. Where is every citizen required by law to bath yearly. ___________
  10. Since 1998 law requires a person over age 11 to plant a tree.___________
  11. Where is it illegal for a chicken to cross a road. ______________
  12. Where did watermelons originated. ____________
  13. Where are there spiders big enough to eat snakes. __________
  14. What is the smallest deer called. __________-
  15. What animal looks like a cross between a mouse and duckling. __________
  16. What are marking on a dice called. ___________
  17. _________ has front legs that look like a panda bear.
  18. Where did ice cream originate from. ____________
  19. Which money is printed the most worldwide. ___________
  20. Which part of your body doesn't tan name one. _________

Pick The correct To The Above Statements

Quitman, Ga.
monopoly money
sole of feet
lower back
John Dillinger
American money
Bruce Lee
Kalahri Desert, Africa
pygmy jerboa
Chinese food
palm of hand
Can you guess which answer goes with the above state to fill the blanks in.


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    • profile image

      Vicky 3 years ago

      Wow I learned a lot of interesting things about the animals and insects. Thanks Annie, your articles are always so interesting. I shared on FB and Twitter.

    • profile image

      Jeanne 3 years ago


    • Annie Wright profile image

      Anna Haun 3 years ago from USA

      Check back to see the answers later and read the answers with some interesting facts about some animals. But it was fun, the trivia, work hard on looking for information. Thanks for the nice comment.


    • profile image

      lily Arnold 3 years ago

      all interesting but am a dunce !!! would not be able to answer hardly anything lol