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Fun Baby Shower Games and Activities

Updated on June 11, 2019
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Grace is a mother of a lovely daughter and enjoys sharing her experiences as a mother with other mothers.


Pregnancy comes with various emotional and physical changes, which can be very overwhelming at times. Baby showers are supposed to be fun and exciting. It should give the mother-to-be an opportunity to relax and create memories with close family and friends. Most of the attention should be directed towards the expectant mother and her unborn baby. It gets even more exciting when everyone participates in various baby shower games and activities, laugh and have a good time. The MC (Master of Ceremony) should carefully explain how each game is played to the guests. The MC and/or the mother-to-be can choose to give prizes to the winner of each game or give one prize to the guest that wins most of the games. However, it is not a necessity to award each win, remember it is not about the guests but the expectant mother.

1. Do not mention the word 'baby'

When your guests arrive, let them know that they are not allowed to say the word 'baby' until the end of the shower or for a certain duration (for instance, for the first hour of the baby shower). They could use baby related words such as Babushka, Kiddo, Doodles, Kiki and Munchy. Whoever mentions the word 'baby' should have a spoon of baby food. It is advisable to have a variety of baby food, so your guests can choose to have a spoon of whatever they feel more comfortable eating. Guests should not be forced to do something they are not comfortable doing, and you would not want to have guests vomiting as a result of having something that does not sit well in their stomach.

2. A bag filled with baby items

Fill a diaper bag with various baby items such as a bib, a bottle, a diaper, wet wipes, teethers, baby soap, and baby petroleum jelly. Give each guest a piece of pen and paper, and blindfold each guest. Ensure that no one sees what you put in the bag, put the items in the bag in another room. The bag should be passed from one guest to another, whereby they touch the items in the bag and guess what each item is. The guests should write down the answers on the pieces of paper they were given and must not say the answers out loud, as no one should be given clues. Whoever guesses most of the items correctly is the winner of the game.

3. Guests' baby photos

Ask each guest to bring photos of themselves when they were babies. Put them in a box or container. Let the mother-to-be guess which photo belongs to which guest. Ensure that the mother-to-be does not see who came with which photo before the game is played. This game could be played at the beginning of the baby shower, as it gives the guests an opportunity to know each other and be more comfortable.

4. Drinking from a baby bottle

Fill baby bottles with any type of liquid, it could be juice, milk or water. Give each guest a baby bottle. Set a timer and see which guest manages to drink up most of the liquid from a baby bottle, in a minute. It is advisable to buy very inexpensive baby bottles as they most possibly will not be used again, they are just there for the purpose of the game.

5. The expectant mother's cravings

The mother-to-be should describe a minimum of five food she has been craving, without saying the name of the food. The guests should quietly write down what they think the names of the food are, answers should not be discussed. Whoever guesses most of the food names correctly, is the winner of the game.

6.Giving guests baby names

On arrival, guests should be given tags with baby-related names on them. The tags should be worn or placed on the guests' clothing (for example, by the chest) where everyone can clearly see and read them. For the whole duration of the baby shower (or for the first hour), guests are not allowed to call each other by their first names but by their baby-related names written on each tag. Whoever, calls a guest by their first name gets a spoon of baby food or a certain amount of baby milk from a baby bottle.

7. Feeding the 'baby'

Each guest should sit with a partner. Each guest should be given a bowl with a certain amount of soft food (for example, it could be custard, yoghurt or cereal) in it and a baby spoon. Give each group a bib and an item for blindfolding. Set a timer, the first partner should blindfold her partner, put a bib on her and feed her, as quickly as possible. The same should be done on both partners, meaning partner A feeds partner B, and afterwards partner B feeds partner A. The pair that manages to feed each other most of the food from both bowls, are the winners of the game.

© 2019 Grace


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    • profile imageAUTHOR


      9 months ago

      Thank you so much Jen Greenlees. I am glad you find the article helpful

    • Sydney So Sweet profile image

      Jen Greenlees 

      9 months ago from Wadsworth, OH

      These are such fun ideas that I never thought of doing! Loved this!


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