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How you can enjoy a rainy day with children

Updated on October 29, 2013

It's just a rainy day!

Don't let a little rain ruin your day!

Thunderstorms and rain can be very beautiful, calming and peaceful, but when it lasts for hours or even days, you'll probably get restless!

It's true...when it's raining boredom may set in. Especially if you are trapped inside with kids. But a rainy day does not have to stop anyone's fun! It really doesn't matter how old you are, you can keep yourself busy and entertained fully and still enjoy a gray drippy day.

Here are some ideas to keep yourself busy and happy when mother nature decides it's time for you to stay in!

60 great ideas!

Some of these ideas may seem obvious, others not so much. Be creative, have fun, get caught up on life and before you know it the sun will be shining!

  1. Play in the rain! Instead of just watching it from the window, go out and splash in it! I mean, as long as it is safe, why not let your own inner child out? Or, if you just can't let yourself go nuts, grab your umbrella and take a walk in it. Sometimes it's nice to pay attention to the sounds and smells when you're out!
  2. Catch up on your favorite movies! Watching a movie is a great way to burn up a few hours, and it's nice to snuggle up with your favorite blanket, your kids, or your family pet! Popcorn is a nice compliment to movie time if you have any in the house.
  3. Read a book! We are so plugged into our cell phones and media devices that we often forget how nice it is to just curl up with a good book! Hopefully the power is out so other media devices are not even an option!
  4. Write a story, draw, color, or make paper crafts. Take some time to do your favorite scrap booking or photo organizing that you usually don't have time for.
  5. Reflect! If it happens to be a warm rain, get a glass of your favorite beverage, open a window, or sit on a balcony or porch and enjoy nature.
  6. Do some chores! Doing housework will pass time and allow you to clean things you normally don't have time for.
  7. Put together a puzzle! Puzzles are great ways to bond with family and when you're done you feel like you accomplished something together
  8. Turn on the radio and dance! Act silly and burn calories while doing so.
  9. Take a nap! Animals always seem to sleep so well when it's storming, be like them and get caught up on some zzz's.
  10. Camp! If the storm is dark and spooky create an indoor tent! Tell ghost stories and pretend you are all camping. If you're lucky enough to have a fireplace roast hotdogs and marshmallows.
  11. Cook! Make a feast with your family!
  12. Plan a treasure hunt!
  13. Play a bored game! Anything is fun, chess, checkers, cards!
  14. Write a letter! Write a letter to someone you love, or make them a card. It's always great to give to someone else and help encourage them.
  15. Play dress up! Put together goofy outfits and tell stories about who you are. Wear silly shoes.
  16. Play house, school, restaurant!
  17. Sing together!
  18. Make music with pots and pans!
  19. Catch up! Call a family member or friend you don't get to talk to often.
  20. Play indoor hide and seek! Fun, good exercise and tires out young kids.
  21. Spoil your pet! My cat loves to be brushed for long periods of time, when there is nothing else to do, he gets spoiled with extra attention.
  22. Spring clean!
  23. Clean out a closet or junk drawer!
  24. Play video games!
  25. Go bowling or to a movie! If you have some money, this is a great way to pass some time.
  26. Wii bowl! If you're lucky enough to have a Wii, have an indoor bowling tournament.
  27. Practice an instrument!
  28. Turn out all the lights and play flashlight tag
  29. Create an indoor obstacle course!
  30. Make your own crosswords, word-searches, or mazes!
  31. Go pillowcase sledding! If you have carpeted stairs get in a pillowcase or sheet and slide down the stairs.
  32. Do an exercise tape together!
  33. Play limbo! All you need are chairs and a broomstick
  34. Make origami, or paper airplanes
  35. Paint your nails!
  36. Invite extended family over, or go visit grand parents!
  37. Thumb wrestle
  38. Have a puppet show
  39. Build a fort!
  40. Roller skate or ride bikes in the basement!
  41. Practice your foreign language skills!
  42. Have an indoor picnic! Put a blanket down, make sandwiches and have some snacks!
  43. Go to the library
  44. Have a bean bag or Beanie Baby toss!
  45. Have an indoor Nerf war
  46. Start your Christmas list or holiday planning!
  47. Play Ispy, or 20 questions
  48. Tell jokes
  49. Rearrange your furniture
  50. Work on your bills or budgeting
  51. Teach your dog new tricks!
  52. Cut coupons!
  53. De-clutter your house and start a donation pile.
  54. Give each other make-overs
  55. Play truth or dare
  56. Write in your journal or diary
  57. Make appointments you normally can't get to. Doctors, wellness checkups, dental visits.
  58. Clean out your email accounts
  59. Play Simon Says
  60. Build a house out of cards


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    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 4 years ago

      I love the movie ideas. I have never considered pillow sledding, now that sounds like fun. Great ideas for those who need some activities to keep the family busy.

    • Bishop55 profile image

      Rebecca 4 years ago from USA

      Thanks! Me too! I love heavy storms and we don't get bored being in all day. Thanks for your comment. Now...if I could only figure out how to enjoy snow. Our winter just ended and it was about 6 months this year. It was awful..

    • Vacation Trip profile image

      Susan 4 years ago from India

      I love rainy day specially when I am at home. I enjoy it by making some delicious soup and some great recipes. Thanks for sharing.