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Funny Pranks - The Best Funny Prank Ideas

Updated on June 21, 2016

Your Prank War Just Got Prankier.

Need some Prank War ideas? Or some good April Fool's pranks? This list has funny prank ideas suitable for every scenario, including senior prank ideas and office prank ideas.

This list is your Holy Grail.

What's wrong with the eggs?

What you need: Access to your victim's fridge

The setup: Boil all of the eggs in the person's egg carton. (If you don't have enough time alone with the eggs to do that, boil your own before arriving and swap your boiled eggs with their normal ones when you get the opportunity.)

The payoff: When they next go to cook something with eggs, they'll crack the egg and something un-egg-spected (ugh) will happen. It'll take a few seconds for them to realize that the egg is boiled, and longer still to figure out why!

Zip Tie War

What you need: Zip ties. Lots and lots of zip ties.

The setup: Zip tie everything you can shut. Cupboard doors, clothes to hangers, drawer handles, pens together, keys chains to the door handle, hair elastics together, jewelery together, everything. If it can be zip-tied, zip tie it!

For maximum evilness, don't forget to zip tie the scissor handles together!

The payoff: Will be sweet. Annoyance by a thousand zip ties. Just when they think they've removed them all... BAM! There's the loofah zip tied to the shower head.

Water Mess

What you need: Water glasses, ice cubes.

The setup: Fill the water glasses with ice cubes, and tip them upside down on a flat surface, such as a table or bench so that the ice is trapped inside.

The payoff: Over time, the ice will melt, so when the glasses are discovered by your victim it is impossible to move them without making a mess!

Famous pranksters: George Clooney

Did you know George Clooney likes playing practical jokes? A famous prank of his was the 'cat box prank'.

There was a time when a friend of his was going through a divorce and staying at George's house, and he brought his cat with him. The cat's kitty litter tray was located in the bathroom, so the cat would do its business there. George began to scoop up the cat's poo out of the kitty litter tray, and flush it down the toilet.

After several days of George doing this secretly, his friend was worried about his cat, since he thought the cat hadn't pooped in a week.

Then, George Clooney pooped in the cat box, leaving it there for his friend to find.

"Oh my God, kitty!"

Phone fun

  • Change their 'text message received' sound to a camera sound. Then text them while they're in a public bathroom.
  • Tell them you switched all their contacts around. (Don't actually do it.)

What did you just say?

Get a hold of your victim's phone, and edit your details, so that your phone number is titled "Mum" or "Boss" or something similar.

Text something they would never expect 'Mum' or 'Boss' to say, and let the fun begin!

Note: make sure they realize before they say something to 'Mum', 'Boss' etc that could embarrass them or get them fired etc.

Scaring the crap out of you

What you need: A balloon with helium in it. Cut off the string.

The setup: Put it in the toilet, making sure it isn't actually touching the toilet water. Close the lid, trapping it inside.

The payoff: When your victim needs to go to the toilet and they lift the lid, it will float out and surprise them.

Fun with Computers

Tape the bottom of their computer mouse. It won't work, and they'll have no clue why!


Put glitter in the pockets of their clothes.

This stuff is practically impossible to get rid of, and every time they take something out of their pocket, glitter will come out too. Everything that goes in the pocket will be glitter-fied (including their hands).

Funny Prank Video: The Invisible Driver

The Terrible Desktop Background

What you need: Access to your victim's computer.

The setup:

  1. hide all the desktop icons
  2. add a file to their desktop background
  3. name it something embarrassing, such as 'porn files'
  4. take a screenshot (make sure the computer mouse isn't in the screenshot)
  5. set your screenshot as the new desktop background
  6. put all the other desktop icons back in place
  7. delete the folder that you made

The payoff: their desktop will work as normal, with all icons working, except for one icon: the one you created and set as part of the background. They will want to delete the file, but won't be able to click, delete or interact with it at all even though everything else works.

You can't poop today

Buy lots of pairs of boots from the op shop / thrift shop. Go to the bathroom at your office, and lock every single cubicle, putting a pair of boots in every stall so it looks like there are people in there.

If you're very dedicated: put a walkie talkie or music player somewhere that makes a noise like a cough, sniffle or fart every so often.

Jello Attack

Put various items (nothing electronic obviously) in clear water glasses or jars, before pouring jello mix over them. Refrigerate (or freeze it if you're feeling evil) to let it set.

It's messy and difficult for them to retrieve their item from the jar.

Bonus points: use a jar with a small opening, so that spoons can't fit inside. They'll need to either get creative or use their fingers to get it out.

Funny Prank Video: Tape in the Doorway Prank

Very Alarming

Buy a bunch of cheap alarm clocks, set them for all hours of the night and hide them around your victim's room. Also set alarms on their phone, tablet etc. They'll never be able to find them all!

Craigslist Pranks

Craigslist can be a funny way to get your friend's phone spammed with dozens (if not hundreds) of messages.

Set up an ad such as:

  • My girlfriend dumped me, and I had just bought her a present of two One Direction concert tickets. I want to give them away for free to someone who deserves them and will enjoy it. Text me at (your friend's number) telling me why you're One Direction's biggest fan to win.
  • My brother just moved out to go to college, and left behind his Playstation since he doesn't want it anymore. Giving it to the person who texts me the funniest joke. (Your friend's number).

Funny Prank Video: Trapped in Ikea


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