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Fuzion Frenzy review-Xbox

Updated on March 11, 2011


Fuzion Frenzy Box Cover


"Where is the competition?"
"Where is the competition?"

A party game that any Xbox owner should have

    If you are one of the many Xbox or Xbox 360 owners out there then there is one game that you have to pick up. That game is Fuzion Frenzy. It is a party game that is intended for quick, easy games with a up to 4 players at a time. You pick a player who has their own style and one liners but are all equal in skill. After which you have two options, a Tournament or just Mini games which are just individual games that are all in the tourney. 

    In the tournament you choose how many stages you want from 2-6 stages and each stage has their own type of levels, like ice, fire, industrial, bugs, ect and you battle 3 players in an all out war to who can finish the task at hand with the most points. In the tourney the games are randomly selected and at the end of each stage there is a Fuzion Frenzy. In this you wager orbs which you get for placing during different games and whoever wins the fuzion frenzy wins the orbs and you want to have the most at the end, obviously. The game is simple where players have to collect big crytal balls of their color and dump them in the drop zone. The more you collect at a time before dropping them off, the more points you get. Other players can steal your orbs by punching the other player. The player with the most points win. 

    The minigames are what make Fuzion Frenzy so fun. There are a little over 45 minigames to choose from some of them are basically the same but with different objects but some are very different and kick ass. For example there are games where your player are in a big ball and you have to roll around and do certain things. In one game you are racing on track where you can bounce eachother off by running into eachother. Another called Sumo all 4 players get dropped off on a circular platform surrounded by water and you have to bounce eachother off. That may seem all simple and take forever to win but actually the platform starts to fall apart from the edges and becomes smaller to the point where only 2 players can remain and they are constantly touching and on the edge of falling off. Another one of my favorites is Twisted System, in this minigame players have to fun up a pillar that is spinning and you have to duck and jump over different obstacles, if you hit one then you fall back and if you keep getting hit, you eventually fall into the water and lose. The hard part is that it speeds up really fast and throws a ton of obstacles at you at which you have to quickly decide to either jump or duck. The good thing about it, is that most of the games only require you to move and push either one or two buttons. Which is very easy and simple. There are a ton of mini games ranging from collecting, to roller ball games, lighting off fireworks, matching buttons to a certain rhythm, or just trying to survive. There is a ton of replay value because someone always wants to beat the person that just beat them. There are so many choices to decide from, it's really hard for people to not find a game or two that they really like. One of the most  amusing aspects of the game is the one liners that the  characters say during the game. One of the classics has come to be "Where is the competition" as Dub says this with a British accent. Another good one is by Samson who says "Just strolling by" with his big badass black man attitude.

    The only real drawback this game has is that there is no online play. Rumors are circulating that there is going to be another Fuzion Frenzy and hopefully that will have online play. The real good thing about this game is that its only 10 bucks, 8 bucks used. So honestly, what do you have to lose. 

    Well there you have it, if you're looking for a solid, party based mulitplayer game then look no further then Fuzion Frenzy for the Xbox and Xbox 360. I highly recommend it to any Xbox owner out there.  

By xbox stuff from amazon

Twisted System will own you, DONT BLINK

I have the highscore of 108 on that by the way
I have the highscore of 108 on that by the way


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      free psp game downloads now 10 years ago

      Great hub page!

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      adamgong 11 years ago from Arroyo Grande

      I like how this is your lowest rated hub.

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