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GTA vs Saints Row

Updated on April 1, 2014

Saints Row

The Saints Row franchise did not start until 2006 when the first game was released. Set in the fictional setting of Stilwater, Michigan you play a man who is walking down a street and gets talking to a street girl. Seconds later a gang shooting goes down and if it was not for another gang getting in on it and saving his life he would have been dead. Feeling that he owes his saviors he joins the gang. It is at this point the game begins. You first have to prove yourself at an initiation where you learn to control your character in a fight, then its time to get armed. Once you are armed then the fun starts because as soon as you leave the gun shop the street is crawling with rival gang members for you to shoot.

2008 saw the release of Saints Row 2. Set again in Stilwater it takes place two years after the events of the first game. You have spent the last two years in a coma after surviving the final incident in the first game and with help you find your way back to Stilwater. Upon arriving in your old gang neighborhood you find it looking completely different and discover that the Saints have disbanded. It turns out that one of the flock was an undercover cop who is now the Chief of Police. Your first mission is to go and rescue a former gang member from court and then try to rebuild the gang which you now are in charge of.

2013 saw the release of Saints Row IV which take the franchise in a different direction. There are still gangs to fight but this time it is an alien invasion that is the main focus of the game. The game is set in a computer generated version of Steelport which the aliens have created. You need to find a way out while fighting the computer generated gangs from your past. This game also ads superhuman abilities.

There is a fifth game in the pipeline.

In 2011 Saints Row The Third was released which saw the story shift from Stilwater to Steelport a Dystopian City under the control of the Syndicate.


The GTA Franchise was started in 1997 with the release of the first game.This first game was a 2D top down shooting game where you moved around one of three Cities taking on jobs and killing gang members. The Three Cities were Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas which players of the newer games will recognize as they are the settings for later games in the series.

In 1999 two expansions were released which showed the developers UK Origins. These were GTA: London 1969 and GTA: London 1961. Both of these games were set in London in the 1960's and played like the original.

Also in 1999 GTA 2 came out. It received mixed reviews with people thinking the graphics were to like the original and not up to date enough. However it was praised by some for its game play which this time saw you in a futuristic world overrun with gangs. You again had missions to complete and gang members to kill but it was set in one town which had three districts to explore.

In 2001 the first 3D GTA game was released. GTA III introduced the more story driven gaming style that GTA fans know today. It was set in Liberty City one of the Cities from the first game. You play a bank robber who was betrayed by his partner and left for dead. However you are found and sentenced to a jail term but before they get you to prison the truck you are in is ambushed and you escape but only just. The story progresses with you working for Gangs and getting on the wrong side of them before you finally get your chance of revenge.

There are lots of other GTA games with the most recent being GTA 5 that was released in 2013. Each game plays in a similar way and is usually set in one of the original Cities from the first game.


Both games are very similar in a lot of ways. They are both:

  • Open World

Both games are classed as Sandbox or open world games where the player can roam around the City freely.

  • Gang based

Both games use gang warfare as there main plot device with the goals often being the elimination of rival gangs.

  • Third Person Shooters

Both games have Third Person Shooter elements in them.

  • mission orientated

Both games have missions that have to be completed in order to finish the game.

  • story driven

Both franchises use stories to start and move the game along. This makes them feel real

  • Driving

Your character can jump in a car and drive around town in both games.


Although both sets of games seem to look and feel the same the one main difference is the fact that you play the same character throughout the Saints Row franchise but each GTA brings a new player character and a new story to play through.

GTA Vs Saints Row

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