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GTAV How To Increase Your Skills

Updated on October 17, 2013

Where Do I Start?

OK so you have tentatively ventured online for the first time and are wondering what you do and how you go about leveling up etc, Well I'm not here to talk about that, At least not in this hub, what i'm here to do is to teach you the ways of increasing your characters 7 skills. These skills are as follows.

  1. Driving
  2. Flying
  3. Lung Capacity
  4. Shooting
  5. Stamina
  6. strength
  7. Stealth

Now just playing online will naturally increase these stats although it will take some time and stats such as lung capacity and Stealth may take hours and hours of natural game-play before increasing much beyond 20%. There are of course ways around this and we can level them up much quicker which will give you a bit of an advantage either over your friends, enemies or just so as you are more help to your online crew.

A quick note, this isn't really cheating as it doesn't ruin the game for you but just helps make you a bit more tougher so as you can survive in the hostile city that is Los Santos.


The Driving skill is the one that naturally over the course of your online journey will be the one that increases the quickest as your taking and driving vehicles to get from place to place so it makes sense that this stat would increase without you even realising. However if you want to increase this really quickly then its easy.

Simply pick an online race somewhere easy like the dog track or the prison run for example and make the laps really high like 30 laps also make sure its just you in the race, Next up complete your race in something fast so as you're not there all day but also make sure you don't crash as this will ruin all of your hard work, You will see that your level has increased quite a bit after this 30 lap race.


Flying can be difficult to level up in as you need to not only get your flying time but also it does help if you can fly in the knife position and also make your way under the many bridges that are dotted around Los Santos. Flying under the bridges will dramatically increase your skill in flying and your be earning your platinum wings in no time.

Lung Capacity

This is the one skill that at the moment doesn't get used a whole lot in the Los Santos area, I'm sure when Rockstar start adding some more underwater missions then we will need this stat, So basically you just need to enter the water and start swimming underneath.

Make sure you are fully aware of how to surface though so that when your white bar starts running out you can surface, grab some air then make your way underwater again. This skill can take some time to get up high as you need several hours underwater before your stat will max out.


Now Shooting is probably the stat that everyone wants to get as high as possible as early as possible to help with the missions and also when your just driving or walking round Los Santos. You don't want some fool blasting you and all you have is a pistol and you're a lousy shot. You need to be able to turn and put this sucker away with one swift head shot.

One of the quickest ways of levelling up this stat is to enter lots of survival matches, if your unsure what they are, these matches have you up against wave after wave of enemies, all you and friend or two need to do is as the title says SURVIVE. Kill each enemy until they are all dead then reload ready for the next wave.

You should be able to survive at least 5 or 6 waves and there can be 15-20 kills per wave for you so that's over 100 kills per match. This will level you up quicker than the normal deathmatches.

Note: You must be level 15 to be able to start doing these types of Deathmatches.


Stamina is also a good stat to have a high rating in as it enables you to run for longer periods of time before getting tired it also enables you to be able to climb ladders quicker and to get over fences and walls quicker, very handy when in a furious firefight.

There are several ways to increase your stamina and most of them are fairly obvious, The first is to make sure that your run around every time you are not in a vehicle, the second is to grab a mountain bike and just ride around town, this can be a bit dangerous so I would suggest heading to one of the mountains and riding up the roads leading to them.


Now strength is quite easy, most of the sports will up your strength rating if that is what you want to do, I prefer to do it a little quicker. One of the best ways is to grab a vehicle and make sure it isn't to hot or that you don't have the police on your tail, go to a nice quite car park and get a fellow crew member to sit in the vehicle while you stand outside and quite simply beat hell out of your car with hands and feet.

This shouldn't take long maybe just 10 to 20 minutes to really increase your strength depending on where you started strength wise. A word of warning though, if the vehicle starts to smoke then walk away and start on another one, Oh and tell your crew member to get out before she blows, I would recommend a strong suv for the job.


This along with lung capacity is a skill which many people fail to pay attention to. they completely ignore it and they will do this at their peril, Rockstar have said that they will be adding missions at a later date and you know that some of them are going to involve you sneaking in to somewhere which means this skill will need to be really high.

There is only one way of doing this and that is to sneak everywhere, There is the long way which is to do it in between missions when walking places or the quick way which if you have a garage you can do.

First off you need room to walk in a circle so clear any vehicles out which are in the way. Then using either a hair band or elastic band, tie it around your controller and analogue stick so that your character sneaks in a tight circle. You can go from one bar to full sneak capabilities in around 40-45minutes, So go off and do something else and then come back and hey presto full stealth.

How To Hit 100% Stealth In 45 Mins

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Summing Up

So that's about it guys, that is how to increase all of your characters skills and with a couple of days of doing that your character should have full stats and this will make your life in Los Santos a lot easier and more bearable.

Thanks for reading this and leave comments saying how you got on as I'm always interested in reading how my hubs helped people out.

Also stay tuned for more guides to helping you out around Los Santos, as that city can become dangerous.

Any other information you require about GTAonline then please leave me a comment and I will try and respond within 24 hours as best I can.


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