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Game Boy Advance - 10 games to play on the Go

Updated on August 30, 2014
Game Boy Advance Micro (Famicom version)
Game Boy Advance Micro (Famicom version) | Source

The Game Boy handled was one of the most successful gaming portables due to the great experience it delivers, this brilliant system was able to stand against it's competitors, Game Boy passed by various development stages, from black and white monitor, to the 32bit Game Boy Advance.

The Game Boy Advance games expressed a wonderful 2D games with a modern touch which surpassed some the modern 3D games , also it has lots of ported retro games from the classics.

In this article, I'm going to share a list of a 10 games of the Game Boy Advance that I enjoyed playing and spend lovely times with it, some of these games are remakes of games we liked in the past, and other modern games that took my interest and driven me to gaming addiction.

Advance wars, title screen, game modes, gameplay
Advance wars, title screen, game modes, gameplay

Advance wars

Advance wars is one of the greatest turn-base strategy games on the game boy advance, what I liked about this game is the unique commanders you can play with, every commander has his\her own advantages and disadvantages, which is reflected on the army, the game has various modes you can play and get point from to unlock new maps and commanders, also this game is one of the few game boy games that you can play multiplayer on one system (up to four players), you have to move your units carefully in this game because any wrong move will make in the fire range of your enemy.

Sonic Advance 2 Title screen , gameply, Boss fight
Sonic Advance 2 Title screen , gameply, Boss fight

Sonic was my start in video games trip, Sega MegaDrive system was the first gaming console I ever had, I like to play Sonic the hedgehog games on it, but in these days, sonic games that are satisfying are hard to find (for sonic fans at least), Sega released three Soinic Advance titles for the Game Boy Advance, though the series didn't bring the days of the MegaDrive back, but I was happy to play with Sonic 2d again, I chose Sonic Advance 2 because I think it was the best of the three, also because it had a Mini Chao garden, which can be unlocked, while the other two titles didn't include the Mini chao garden where you can raise a cute little chao like a virtual pet.

Gunstar Super Heroes Title screen, gameplay,Boss fight
Gunstar Super Heroes Title screen, gameplay,Boss fight

Gunstar Super Heroes is the sequel for Gunstar Heroes, a side scrolling shoot'em up game was released on the Sega MegaDrive system, I only played Gunstar Super heroes, and it had a great gameplay, your charchter moves smoothly on the screen with great graphics, there are two playable characters (Red, Blue) each character has three weapons in addition to melee attacks to fight their way to the final boss, this game received the "Best GBA game of E3 2005", and got high scores reviews, but it didn't sell well, maybe having only six levels made it a bit short, but it's still a great game to play on the go.

WarioWare Inc. Title screen, Micro game, Mini game (Dr. Wario)
WarioWare Inc. Title screen, Micro game, Mini game (Dr. Wario)

WarioWare Inc. is a unique game, the idea of WarioWare series is to play quick micro-games, there are more than two hundred micro-games developed by Wario and his friends, this game is all about thinking and acting very quick because you have few seconds to finish every game, the game also has mini games you can unlock later, some of them can be played by two players, where each player holds one of the shoulder buttons (L, R), this game has a wicked sense of humor, which makes playing this game big fun.

Super Mario Advance 4 title screen, gameplay
Super Mario Advance 4 title screen, gameplay

Super Mario Advance 4 is a remake for Super Mario Bros. 3, but with a great graphics and heavy editing, SMB 3 is a wonderful classic I won't mind playing again especially when making me able to save my progress, and continue from the last point I stopped at, the game is very polished, if you played the classic, you will notice what I mean, the polish wasn't only about better graphics, but also some of the stages elements were modified to make the game better and sometimes easier, and like the rest of Super Mario Advance they added the classic Mario Bros as a side game.

Dragon ball advance adventure Title screen, gameplay
Dragon ball advance adventure Title screen, gameplay

Dragon ball advance adventure is a beat'em up game based on the story of Dragon ball, you play as Goku and fight enemies in a side scrolling style, the combo system is great, most of the time Goku will fight in his free style, some stages will be on the sky with Goku riding his flying nimbus, also Goku will learn new techniques and skills while advancing in the game, and the game included the martial arts tourenments, between stages there are some simple cut scenes telling the story, the game has unlockables like minigames, and characters for one-on-one link battle.

Final Fantasy Tactics advance Title screen, gameplay, dialogue
Final Fantasy Tactics advance Title screen, gameplay, dialogue

I always wanted to try one of final fantasy series, but I didn't own a PlayStation, Final Fantasy Tactics advance was my first Final fantasy game, I liked this game very much, though it's not considered the best when it comes to final fantasy games, In this game you have to create your own clan by adding members, making them gain more experience Engaging in battles and achieving missions, there are five races, more than thirty jobs, and hundreds of useful items and missions.

Pokemon leafgreen / firered title screen, gameplay
Pokemon leafgreen / firered title screen, gameplay

There is no doubt that Pokémon are the best selling games on Nintendo handled systems, there is no way you can imagine a Game Boy without Pokémon games, (Leafgreen, Firered) are remakes of (Green, Red) versions from the first Game Boy, they represent the first generation of Pokémon, they improved this remake a lot, even you will be able to see pokemons from the next two generations, but after you advance deep in the game, but too bad they didn't include everything in the third generation (Sphere, Ruby), they didn't include planting berries, though this remake deserves to have a try.

Game and watch gallery 4 title screen,gameplay
Game and watch gallery 4 title screen,gameplay

Game and watch gallery is a remake of a remakes, game and watch game can be considered the oldest portable games, every game was in its own small screen usually with two buttons for controls, later these games were ported to the Game Boy on three collections, if I'm not mistaken those three titles were put into one Game Boy Advance game under the name of Game & Gallary 4, the game has main six classic games with their modern mods, and there are other five unlockables games, and more nine classic without modern mods, I liked the modern modes like the classic ones, they were well developed to be modern with a classic flavor.

Legend of Zelda Minish cab Title screen, Gameplay
Legend of Zelda Minish cab Title screen, Gameplay

Legend of Zelda is one of the most successful RPG series on the Game Boy handled system, the Minish cab was one of the best Zelda games on Nintendo portable systems, all Zelda games on any system have the same story, but what makes every Zelda game different is the unique quest elements each Zelda title has, the Minish cab has wonderful quest elements, starting with Ezlo the Minish cab, which is going to help link to shrink to be in the size of the Minish people so he can see the world from their viewpoint, also link will have new tools in his pocket to help him in his quest, there are lots of puzzles in every dungeon link enters, while this game has lots of new elements, it still has the classic feel of 2d Zelda games.

In the end

This is my list of GBA games I enjoyed playing in the past and still enjoying these days, some people will think I'm late in writing this list saying that the GBA is getting older because there are two Nintendo newer handled gaming systems (NDS,3DS), but I believe that the GBA games have a special flavour, people will still play them for a while, even if they don't have a GBA system they could play them with one of the early Nintendo DS versions, or in the worst case Gba game can be played with a smart phone using an emulator, there is no excuse that you can't enjoy those classics.


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    • BraidedZero profile image

      James Robertson 

      9 years ago from Texas

      Ha! You can never have too much Dragonball. But that's just my childhood talking.

    • ashraf_2003 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Palesetine

      I thought of adding Dragonball Z supersonic Warriors, I loved this game, but enough one Dragonball game.

    • BraidedZero profile image

      James Robertson 

      9 years ago from Texas

      Great article! I played pretty much all of those games when I had a gameboy advance and I loved them. Pokémon and Dragonball Z bring back great memories. Great great memories.


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