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Game Changers From Atari To Now Into The Future.

Updated on June 14, 2016

Atari the Start of a Revolution. Pong

What started a revolution.

From back then to the future.

I remember playing pong on the Atari as a kid thinking this is the coolest thing ever. Out of nowhere Nintendo came on the scene, and in my own personal opinion the hardest games made. Nintendo's 8bit system changers kids life's forever I was around 4 years old it was the coolest thing I ever seen I played for hours trying to beat Mario to this day I never beat the game.

Nintendo opened the flood gates soon came the super Nintendo, Sega genesis, play station, some others were failures like dream cast or 3do systems, but big winners were Nintendo 64, Gameboy, genesis, Playstation , Xbox. etc..

Now I can remember as a kid thinking that what if the controllers were wireless, wouldn't that be cool. then Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo did just that. My wildest of all ideas was what if you didn't even need a controller, well Xbox released their Kinect system where it tracks your body to plat the game even equipped with voice recognition to turn it on and to also control in game features. I still find it hard to believe that this is happening. It must be something likt when the TV came out. People were just listing to their favorite radio stations then suddenly they were watching them. what a mind trip.

I don't know what the future holds for gaming. I here rumors about new virtual reality systems and even mind controlled games. It sounds like science fiction, but so did playing games without controllers when I was a kid, so who knows. Fact is technology is moving so fast in the future all you'll have to think about turning on you lights in you house and it happens. Who knows. The next 10 years will surly be exciting.

Nintendo Entertainment System. Super Mario Bros.

First of the Gaming History the (NES)

The 80s were some of the most fun times with video gaming consoles. The NES was a at times nerve racking. If you owned on you know what I mean.

Blowing into the cartridge then shoving it in the slot, then smashing it down several times to get the game to work. it was the most misbehaving system built. Every kid had a different way to get their game to work.

Some people wiped it down and blew in the slot others just blew in the game itself. None the less we had several hours of fun with the device. One of my favorites is Super Mario Bros. I don't think I ever beat it but it was fun.

There was never a dull moment playing for hours, all the while parents screaming in the background "Get off that thing." while we just kept playing.

I found that there was not one game they made I ever won. In fact I don't know anyone who did win at any of the games. I think the hardest was Donkey Kong. I hated that game it was so hard.

As soon as the PlayStation came out that system was useless from there on out. Even though I wish I could find one with the games I used to play I would love to experience that nostalgia again.

Donkey Kong for the NES

The Nintendo 64

The Next Generation of Gaming the 64bit

The Nintendo 64 was by far my personal favorite, even over my Xbox One. Playing The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of time, Super Mario 64, Smash Brothers, and Super Mario Cart 64 were the best.

I played for hours, sometimes though the night just trying to get to the next level or getting more stars for Mario. Smash Brothers was just a fun game for you and your friends to play in the past time.

I wish I still had mine. I could probably buy it cheap on E-Bay or Amazon, but I never seem to have the money to get one. Just to beat that Zelda game one more time would be so much fun.

The PlayStation

PlayStations Disc Console

PlayStation hit the scene in the 90s and took over. with so many titles from Street Fighter, Spyro, Tomb Raider, and other endless titles. In fact I don't think there was another system with more games and sequels.

All the game played better with the disc system. no more worrying about blowing out the games or start and restarting the system. Though it did come with some glitches, even some of today's best games still have glitches.

The only thing you really had to worry about was scratching the disc. If you were borrowing someone else's game the only worry that they had was scratching the disc.

Other than a scratched disc, the games always played smoothly. I don't ever remember having any problems with the system. PlayStation also had memory cards, so if you went to a friends house you could cheat by downloading a different level because you couldn't get past one. The PS1 was a very fun and memorable console.

Mortal Kombat One of the Best Games for PS1

Gaming future will be without console just virtual reality or maybe even mind controlled.

Where Do We Go From Here?

It's hard to say where we are going from here. Possibly virtual reality? I know a lot of company's are dabbling with it now, but when we will see it, I do not know. It could be here within 1 to 5 years.

I also here about mind controlled gaming. Even though that sounds incredible, I think that is more likely 10 to 20 years off. There are some prototypes out there, but I don't think its safe to say that we are that close. Mind control is just in it's embryo stage and has not even began to take of yet. Lets face it though the brain is complicated and we know very little on exactly it works, so to launch a good device for it is a long way off.

Maybe I'm wrong and we are further ahead than I may think ,but so far I haven't seen any solid proof the this technology exist and works perfectly. I guess you and I will just have to sit back and wait to see what the future brings us.

Gaming started in the 70s, and started a revolution of competition amongst gaming consoles. By 80s gaming became so popular they started holding competitions.

What was your favorite gaming system?

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What are your thoughts on the future of gaming where is it going?

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