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Game Commentator - Is it a good future ?

Updated on January 5, 2014

Well, to answer the question in just one sentence straight forward is not going to be easy. There are many pros and cons of becoming a game commentator. While of course you can enjoy playing games and earning at the same time but again, when a hobby becomes a job, for some people it might get actually a bit boring.

Let us dive deep into this topic.

Most of you might know the guys from the above picture right ? Pewdiepie, Markiplier and Yamimash. The three of them are youtube commentators who are well known and have made quite a name in a very little time. Pewdiepie has set a record of over 19 mil subscribers and ripping off the subscriber list of the famous artists such as Beyonce, Lady Gaga and such.

Before, we get more into this, shall we find out what the hell are we actually talking about?

Who are Game Commentators and what actually is Game commentary?

Now begin we start with anything specific about Game commentary overall, let me give you a brief overview of what Game commentary means? Now from all these years of following some game commentators, in sweet simple and short way,

Game Commentary is basically where you record yourself as well as your screen while playing a game which people on the internet would like to see. You share your opinions, views and excitement overall with the audience while actually enjoying the game yourself.

It might seem awesome, right ? Yes, mostly it is. Now, what more can you expect if you are earning thousands while just creating videos of the games you love and acting all goofy in front of thousands or even millions of viewers.

A recent report stated that, Felix a.k.a Pewdiepie hit 13 million subs on September 13, 2013. Just 20 days later, on October 3, 2013 it hit 14 million. 29 days after that, on November 1, the channel became the first to cross the 15 million mark. Moreover, The Swedish gamer has risen from 18 million YouTube subscribers to 19 million in just 12 days, a 25% faster rate than his previous million.

Moreover, if I talk about my favorite game commentator right now, Makiplier. He has around a million subscribers right now. Though, this might not seem quite a lot, but he also raises money for the Cincinnati children's hospital by doing live streams. Guess, what from 2012 till now, he has raised over 2 million USD for charity !! Amazing, right ?

Why don't every other guy do this, then ?

Absolutely, my doubts, when I first tried to think about it. This job seems to be pretty awesome and anyone would love to call it a dream job, isn't it ? um..Not quite. Let me point out some of the things that I feel, would stop anyone from thinking about it as their dream job.

  1. Gaming becomes your JOB

    You see, I have continuously mentioned it as a JOB, over and over again. Now when, we count the benefits of being a game commentator, we most of the time miss the fact, that it has to be done with the same amount of seriousness and dedication like we would do any other job. We can't miss a single day of recording or we lose subscribers, which in turn would result in lesser views and hence, lower commissions.

  2. New Content every other day

    We, must always have new games to play. No one wants to see the gameplay walkthrough of God of war right now. I mean, even if some people do, those would be quite low. But, everyone wants to know what and how it is to see a playthrough of The last of us before they actually go out and buy it. So, whatever happens, you must have new content which your viewers must love.


3. Acting all goofy and shit

This might not look like a big deal for some people but people who fall on the other category might not like acting all goofy and dumb in front of thousands of people. Now, you might have seen that game commentators when confronted with a jumpscare or a sudden cut scene which hits you right in the feels; they acts a bit too over. Well, you know that is not what and how drastic they really feel but to entertain viewers, a catalyst is a must.

4. Keeping up with the fans

Again, this might not seem such of a "problem" but still getting hundreds or thousands of emails from fans every single day, and to reply to all of them, seems a quite daunting task. Now, literally speaking I being a fan, would not rather think about that other fans might also email the guy. I would just wait for my particular email reply. When, it fails to come to me, I feel dis-heartened and that being a youtube commentator you don't want to happen.

Though, in my opinion, these are not very great or priority things to worry about while you are just starting. I mentioned those to just let my opinion known to you about the cons of being a game commentator.

Final thoughts

Well, overall I would say that choosing Game commentary as a profession is really good, if you understand its trade offs. I mean, no more can you just play games at your fun time or you can't just go easy on this. You can't take it lightly. Game commentary becomes a job, if you select it as a profession and you will have to be dedicated about it like any other office job.

In my opinion, the pros are more convincing (from the point of a viewer) as compared to the cons. You don't need to leave your house, you can work at the comfort of your home and best of all you earn while you play games.

Let us assume that you are fairly interested in becoming a game commentator and are willing to take it on as a hobby or maybe a serious profession, but have no idea what to do and how to do. So, maybe the coming wednesday or thursday, I will post another article in which I would like to discuss about what to keep in mind before you move out on becoming a game commentator, the equipments necessary and best of it, how would you actually get paid and how much.

I hope you liked this article. Pardon my mistakes, if any, since I am fairly new to this blogging field. Let me know in the comments below, how you felt about this. Thanks


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