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Game Review- Fable 2 100/100

Updated on May 11, 2009



Storyline- This games story might have been slightly traditional, but it was spectacular none the less it has incredibly unique aspects to it and it adds some pretty nifty new experiences to an old story. 20/20
Graphics – Spectacular, this game is displayed in wondrously vivid graphics. 10/10

Game play- I have to say that the controls are perfect, incredibly involving.15/15

Enjoy ability- This game is so fun you will crap yourself, it’s just so good its mind boggling, I can’t even stand to think about going to RPGs where you can’t do this much, this game is so fun I needed to change my pants 3 times the first day alone! 20/20

Art direction- This game is beautiful the landscape is awesome, the cities are incredible, and everything in between is simply brain cell exploding. The sky is expansive and beautiful giving the world an even more vivid 3d feel. 10 /10

 Sound &VA- Fantastic, the script was written almost perfectly, and with
humorous aspects it was incredibly entertaining. There weren’t any errors that I could find in the whole game, which is actually saying a lot because even some of best games have some. 10/10

Length- Not to long not to short, you gotta love it when that happens. The story itself is rather short, but there are a great deal of side quests and different jobs you can do allowing you to increase play time from about 8 hours to more like 15-20. 15/15

Total- 100/100

Bottom line- This game is a must have for ANYONE get this game ASAP. The price is well worth it, whether its 30 or 50 bucks get this game!


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