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Game Review- Spore 77/100

Updated on March 16, 2011



Storyline- The storyline in this game is kind of iffy, but I would say that for what it is it did well. Each stage is like a chapter in a big book and each little portion of the stage was like a paragraph. The story was linear and logical, what you did affected the next stage like most games nowadays but this one, it more felt like YOU did it. 20/20

Graphics – The graphics are beautiful and incredibly realistic. They show such small details and most of them don’t have corners like other games (IE pixels) Even the most graphically intense games have edges and corners when you get close to something, but this one had NONE not the ground not the trees, not the creatures. This is the graphical quality ALL games should strive toward.10/10

Game play- The game play is pretty intuitive but movement with the keyboard in cell stage is hard, and just doesn’t work right. In latter stages it’s the opposite, who needs the mouse? The keyboard does almost all the work. Of course that’s until the tribal and civilization stages which are very RTS styled. Taking a look at creature, tribe, and civilization stages they are all very similar, because starting a little later in creature stage you get multiple “friends” and from then on its always you and similarly powerful people, of course tribe and civilization stages are RTS so you kind of figure you have multiple people. Finally the space stage, it was kind of fun to play with the planets and make runs with spice, but it was just too different from the game, ALL vehicle customization in combat went out the window and it was only about how it looked. I personally HATE that about the game, going from total customization with weapons health and speed, to only how it looks. I feel I need to make a minor note, the creation portion of the game is FLAWLESS albeit a little lax on parts. 9/15

Enjoy ability- I had a lot of fun with the game up until space stage. Cell stage was really fun because it was like an isometric action game. The creature stage was an interesting FPA. The thing I found most fun about Creature stage was the view, I loved that I could see my friends and my own little herd up close. I also liked flying off of high mountains and just seeing what was going on. But sadly when I hit space stage it just went downhill, it got tedious and repetitive, and all around annoying, it was a great idea, but your so called “allies” were so weak it made them useless, and just not too fun. 16/20

Art direction- The trees were both oddly realistic and fantastically unreal. The planets were great, spheres that had mountain ranges and oceans that looked beautiful, though I wonder about the evident artistic choice of making the water not see through at all. 9/10

Sound &VA- The voices when your little guys are talking are just so awesomely cute I would put it on a CD and sell it! The voice are cute and garbled it’s not English but it’s definitely a language.10/10

Length- Well…. It pains me to say but SHORT! This game is so short it was unbelievable, if you spend about 30 minutes on cell stage and then 2 hours per stage after, then another 5- infinite you get about 11.5 hours of play, but I guess you could play space forever if you had that kind of patience… and don’t mind not getting badges!13/15


Bottom-line- Get the game, it’s great, it’s fun, and even if you hate the game you will spend 10,000 hours playing with the creature creators, but i would say wait till it’s around 19.99.


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