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Game Review: Tower Boxing

Updated on March 25, 2016

Tower Boxing


Tower Boxing is an endless "destroy a tower because that is the game" retro game for the iOS and Android with a very simple premise. You are a heavy weight boxer who is a pro Bernie Sanders person and wants to destroy a Trump tower with your boxing prowess. Ok I made that Bernie-Trump part up.

I personally have a lot of admiration for iOS and Android game developers who believe in making a simple and everlasting game and does not waste my battery and RAM with fancy graphics and complicated storylines and plot twists. If I want to see graphics and long storylines I would go to a cinema. Thank you very much. Tower Boxing is a perfect game that fills this simple but enduring criteria. I downloaded the game just yesterday and I cannot stop playing it.

Loading Page gives me the mullets.
Loading Page gives me the mullets. | Source


As you open the game on your Android/iOS device you will be greeted with a very 80s-90s 8bit retro mullet inducing loading page. Accompanied with a very very very 80s is just so retro. It makes you go back to a simpler time really. As a person who grew up in the 80s and loved playing Nintendo console games it really leaves me feeling nostalgic. The developer did a fantastic job with the retro design. Kudos.

While the game play is very very simple, it is also very tricky. The developer made sure of that. We have to be fast. punching slow and taking your time can result in sudden death as there is a life bar on top that depletes when you are not punching the building, and when the life bar becomes empty its Game Over.

So you start punching the tower at the speed of light...your thumbs becomes a blur. At the back of your mind you worry that you might end up as a person with a mullet and a carpal tunnel syndrome. But wait...there is another trick up the dev's sleeve. you can't just punch the tower mindlessly. you have to make sure to avoid the balconies that drop to your head as you destroy floor after floor of the tower. So ultimately your reflexes will be put to the test here. This is what makes it so engrossing.

I played this on my Asus Zenfone2 which runs on a respectable 4GB RAM, and I have to say that the gameplay is very very smooth. It may look laggy from the video that I posted as I used a screen recorder while playing and it caused a bit of a lag. But rest assured, the devs did an excellent job ensuring that the game runs smooth, as it should since it is a fast paced reflex-testing game. A fast paced laggy retro game will only end up with angry men with mullets, and if the 80s taught us anything, we do not want that to exist anymore.

Amazing Characters

Simple endless game like this one can be a bit repetitive. But the devs did an excellent job with many characters which you can play as. Characters are really an important part of endless games such as Tower Boxing. Here are some of the characters and their pics, you will at least get a giggle from seeing them and their names. and each characters comes with their respective funny ways of destroying the tower. A character called Heavyweight champion, for instance, is an obese man that destroys the tower with his humongous belly, There is also a mother kangaroo with her boxing gloves wearing, tower-destroying joey in her tummy.

You start as Wrecking Balboa, I don't think I need to explain where they got this name from. As you play you earn coins which can then use to unlock other characters. The devs were nice enough to make sure it is not that hard to earn coins, and force us into desperation of doing in-app purchases. So here are some of the characters, you can also see some of them in action in the video above.

Ivan the russian dancer.
Ivan the russian dancer.
How can we have Balboa without having Drago?! Ahhh, the 80s....
How can we have Balboa without having Drago?! Ahhh, the 80s....
This character is named Tiger a desperate attempt to get the respect back from the people after the scandals...he has decided to destroy Trump tower.
This character is named Tiger a desperate attempt to get the respect back from the people after the scandals...he has decided to destroy Trump tower.
Roarzilla...I use my tail arms can't reach...
Roarzilla...I use my tail arms can't reach...
You start out with Wrecking Balboa.
You start out with Wrecking Balboa.

Pro Tip

Play this game as Wrecking Balboa, turn off the obnoxious 80s music of the game and turn on this following music in your iOS/Android device while playing the game as Balboa:


There is nothing much to be said except that this is a fantastic game if you just want to pass the time while you are in commute or in the waiting room or just plain bored. Chances are you might end up passing more time then you want to when you play it. it is a pretty simple no nonsense game that will leave you feeling nostalgic especially if you used to play Nintendo games and love Rocky, both of which were a big part of many people's life in the 80s.

I highly recommend you download or at least try out this game.

This game is available on iOS and Android

Note: QF Games is my youtube channel where I upload game plays of various android/iOS games. The gameplay video and photos that I have uploaded here therefore belong to me.


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    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 20 months ago from Olympia, WA

      I'll pass your review on to my son. He's the gamer in the family. Thank you!

    • Discordzrocks profile image

      Gavin Heinz 22 months ago from Austin TX

      Wow. After reading this hub im getting this game, thanks for informing me. Signed Zoidberg