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Game Reviews: Resident Evil 5

Updated on April 27, 2017

Resident Evil 5: Story and My Opinions

Here you can exactly see they took it too far with yet another similar parasite, for the year of release, the game really had mediocre graphics. It was OK but not the best, playing off in the poor parts of Africa, is it beautifully designed? no not really, it looks good yes but not very accurate to the detail, I would have preferred more bushveld in the more open areas and even in the village you start in, also not to mention that villages and other areas are way to clean, also like the starting village, adding more rubbish like plastic bags, bottles, tires, scrap would have done the game more justice to give the expression of a poor area and that people are suffering there.

Playing with Chris Redfield once again was a joy with his partner Sheva, but the story wasn't all that good but kept me engaged to a bare minimal, the game had its moments as interesting, but nothing else, the horror and survival genre was still missing as it were in Resident evil 4.

The enemies are very similar to Resident Evil 4, except for the chainsaw dude this time around he is super skinny, anyway this does take off in a poor village, at least they included the Executioner which can also kill you instantly like the chainsaw guy, but other than that, there is too much similarity compared to Resident evil 4.

The boss battle is different and weird on many levels fighting a giant crab on a giant lift, the most interesting battle was Jill as you need to try and save her from Wesker and not kill her, the hardest battle was Wesker the final battle in his transformation stage, though this might have seemed harder as I had nearly no ammo left, ran out of ammo and continued with the knife and I remember telling my girlfriend I am going to restart from a checkpoint and just before that I killed Wesker end of the game, happy I didn't restart LOL.

Yes, as it seems Wesker might be removed from the story completely, yet as a feeling, I doubt it, its probably one of the strongest and most loved villains in the game. After completing the campaign you will unlock two new ones that is if you have the gold editions or bought the DLC separately.

Desperate Escape

This is the short Jill Campaign after you save her from Wesker, this is basically the side story as a fast-paced action shooter, you don't have a time limit, but it is fast and at the end you will find yourself on the helipad with a time limit to clear all the enemies, believe me when I tell you this can be played in less than two hours. It's super short and easy even if you aren't that good with the game, it's still nice that this is included, just to clarify what happened after you rescue Jill from Albert Wesker.

Lost in Nightmares

I freaking loved it, basically, this short campaign tells a story from the past where Chris loses against Wesker, but before Wesker could kill Chris, Jill dives with Wesker through a window and into the sea. It's not long at all, why did I like it, it showed so many elements from the first games like opening a door, that intense moment of wondering what's behind it and playing the piano with that old song that was included in many of the old games.

Of course still easy, now play Lost in Nightmares on the hardest level, you will notice a lot has changed: it's more challenging with more creatures chasing you, there's less ammo -- not even enough to fight them or kill all of them, that will require you to think fast and dispose of them with other methods, this is how I would have preferred Resident Evil 5.


It is still included and as the previous title each stage unlocks a character and if the scores are good, another stage and so it continues till the last stage, it was fun playing and worth the while, online it was great.

  • Mercenaries Reunion

It's the same as mercenaries just with different costumes and stronger weapons some with infinite ammo at the cost of precision, yes if you played it, then you know I am talking about Sheva and her bow.

This was really fun to play online and I recommend it for a good experience, this time around you will have a total of Eight stages to play with Six playable characters.

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3 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of Resident Evil 5


Even if the story line isn't very deep and attractive it was still very interesting and fun to play, with even more insane enemies and crazy boss fights, it included decent extras including my favorite mode, Mercenaries and even better can be enjoyed with friends online.

You can get Resident Evil 5 on any of the following Platforms

  • Microsoft Windows
  • PlayStation 3
  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox One

System Requirements

Intel Pentium D Processor
Intel Core2Quad Processor
Video card
NVIDIA GeForce 6800 series
NVIDIA GeForce 9800 series
1 GB
2 GB
OsHard Drive Space
Windows XP
Windows Vista

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