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Game of Thrones Games

Updated on July 29, 2015
Ethan Forrester and Gare Tuttle (to the right)
Ethan Forrester and Gare Tuttle (to the right)

Game of Thrones Game Review

Game of Thrones revolves around similar themes and bears resemblance to the series Game of Thrones. There are differences in the story, despite families like Greyjoys or Lannisters being part of it. The game offers similar moods and tensions that appear in the television series. The characters that appear in the game are equally captivating as in the series, despite various differences.

The main characters are the Forresters, who are the allies of the Starks. The game begins with the murder taking place at the wedding. Accidentally, the squire Gare Tuttle discovers the plot. As a result, battles and fighting ensue. Tuttle uses tricks to survive. More battles, as the adventure progresses are fought.

The game offers the roughness and thrill that resembles the television series. The story swiftly progresses along unexpected twists and turns.

Mira Forrester at King's Landing
Mira Forrester at King's Landing

The Gameplay

This role-playing game offers various roles that can be chosen, where decisions made reflect the characters, defining their personality. The main goal of the game is to fight for the Forester House. It is also an open world game with choices defining the following outcomes. These choices are important for the game, and propel it into a certain direction. If a character in the game is saved from dying, it reappears later in the game. New situations the player finds itself create anticipation. At times, it can be difficult to control them. It all adds to the atmosphere similar to the one that appears in the television series. They unveil new enemies to fight, puzzles to resolve and circumstances to tackle.

Garre Tuttle is part of the Forresters' family that consists of Lord Forrester, Ethan Forrester, and Mira Forrester. We also have the opportunity to see the events from their points of view as well as interact with the characters from the television series such as Lord Tyrion, Cersei Lannister and Margery Tyrell.

The game received mixed reviews, but it has many fans who like the thrill of the events offered in the original series, with Game of Thrones Season 4 released just recently.

For those novices to computer games, the game may take some time to adjust. It is available on PS4, PS3, Xbox360, PC and Mac.

Game of Thrones Game


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