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Game of War Fire Age Guide - 3 Things you Must do before Attacking.

Updated on July 21, 2015

Prepare First - Things to Do Before any Attack

Your starting to gain some power and build up troops and are ready to start attacking. There are a few things you will need to do. Unless you are attacking very low power players, you should make sure to change up a few things about your build.

  • Hero Skills
  • Hero Gear
  • City Boosts

Reset your Hero skills to focus on your Troops

Hero Skill resets are a premium item that is available in the gold store as well as the alliance store. They allow you to reset all your skills to zero and refund all spent skill points. Managing your hero skills during peace time and war will be a key to helping you become a top player.

These boosts are only effective when you are marching with your Hero (or have your Hero at home in the case of an incoming attack). If you send out a march of troops without your hero, none of the boosts here will help.

The Hero skill tree is split into two sides, one side used to enhance your economy and the other to make your troops better. To unlock the ones that are shaded gray, you will have to allocate a certain number of points to the ones above it. It starts at 2 points to unlock at the top of the tree and gets to a maximum of 5 points at the bottom.

Right Side (Economy)

The right side of the tree is your primary city building boosts (resource production, construction speed and research speed). As you build up, many will allocate points to the right side of the tree to speed up the building process. When Attacking, any points spent on the right side of the tree make you weaker in attack.

When focusing skills on Economy, it is always better to get the highest level completed first. If you are trying to increase food production, open the tree until you have opened food production three, then allocate all points there until you get to 50, then move to food production two and start filling that tree. The later points give larger boosts, and the largest are only available on the last tier.

Left Side (Troop Strength)

The left side of the tree is your main attack and defense. I suggest putting the minimum to open up the next tier until you get to the bottom two, troop defense and troop health. Max both of those out then fill in the rest of the tree for your setup. If your army is very heavy ranged, you can allocate extra points to range attack one and two. Be sure to allocate all your points before moving on to the gear check.

Again, when focusing on Troop Strength, be sure to fully allocate the highest tiers first. while the first point in a tier may grant a 1% boost, the last point may give 20%. It is always advisable to focus your points in very specific areas than having 10-15 points in everything.

Pay special attention to the Troop Health and Troop Defense boxes. All but the first attack buff only affect a single troop type (Infantry, Calvary or Ranged) while the Troop Health and Troop Defense affect all three! I personally add the max points to Health and Defense and use my gear to increase attack.

Once you have allocated all your skill points you are ready to move onto the next step, Hero Gear.

The table below shows the maximum buff for each of the skills on the Troop Strength line. Remember, the last few points for each line give the most benefit.

Attack Skill
Max Boost
Troop Attack
Troop Training 1
Ranged Attack 1
Siege Attack 1
Calvary Attack 1
Infantry Attack 1
Trap Building 1
Trap Attack 1
Troop Health 1
Troop Defense 1
Trap Building 2
Infantry Attack 2
Trap Attack 2
Calvary Attack 2
Ranged Attack 2
Troop Training 2
Troop Defense 2
Troop Health 2

This is an Awesome tablet to Play Game of War on. If your spending money, be sure your playing on a high end device!

Hero Geared for Battle

Hero Geared for Economy

Hero Gear - Getting Ready for Battle

Time to put on the battle armor and strengthen your troops even more. Tapping your Hero's Photo will bring up the Hero Profile. You can see that you have 6 or 7 gear slots open. The 7th slot opens up once you build your Forge up to level 21.

If you have no gear on, click on one of the piece slots, you we brought to a screen that will show you all available gear for that slot. If you click them and find you have nothing to put on, you may want to rethink attacking and work on crafting some gear first.

Hero Gear is what separates the good players from the great ones. There is a huge variety of gear, with boosts for every combat stat you can think of (as well as some that make enemies weaker). Gear can be crafted in 6 tiers (gray, white, green, blue, purple, gold). The higher the tier, the better the stats that come with the piece.

Aside from having 6 tiers, there is also special event gear that is significantly better than regular gear. Special event gear requires special resources that are only available for a limited time.

Change all your hero gear from your Economy Set to your Attack Set and move on to the final check, city boosts.

Do you wait for 100% chance of Tier 6 gear before crafting

See results

City Boosts - Add the finishing touches.

As you play the game you will get items that will give boosts to your troops or city. These can be found in the items tab but are much better accessed from the Boosts Page (either the up icon at the mid upper right of the screen, or the other boost icons in the same location).

From the Boosts page, you can quickly, put on your final buffs. You can have as many economic buffs on at the same time as you like, but you are limited on the War Buffs.

You can choose 1 of the following 3:

  1. Anti Scout
  2. Attack (increase your attack)
  3. Defense (increase your defense)

You can also choose 1 of the following 2

  1. Attack Debuff (reduce enemy attack)
  2. Defense Debuff (reduce enemy defense)

With both of the above skills active, you can only select one more buff, March Size. Use this if you plan to attack larger cities and want to be able to send out more troops at once.

Ready for Battle!

Your Hero is reskilled, gear is ready and your city is boosted as far as it can go. You are ready to attack!

Look out for our next Blog coming soon - How to evaluate your opponent before attacking


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