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Game of War Fire Age - How to build a Hyper Farm

Updated on August 17, 2015

Starting Out Your Hyper Farm

When starting construction of your hyper farm after completing the Game of War Fire Age tutorial you should use one of your two beginner teleports to move to a new kingdom (if not already placed in one). Once in your new kingdom join an open alliance and find one with a lot of new players. In the early stages alliance helps are very important so you can leave alliances and join others until you find one that is active.

Once you are settled into your alliance DO NOT use your second teleport to move to their location. You can immediately move your farm to your kingdom and remain in the starter alliance. Get all settled into your new kingdom and prepare to build.

Take advantage of Solo Events as you grow

While you can build your first 5 stronghold levels in the first hour of play, I strongly suggest against it. The key to the early levels are the solo events and the inferno solo events. From Stronghold level 2 thru level 7 you can pick up a nice item for winning a solo event. The items are green quality and suitable for early level growth. Some you will keep until you have fully developed your account.

There are two types of events you will want to participate in, Increase Power and Train Traps. Both are easy to hit in the first 5 SH levels by just building war bricks (and then destroying them). Be sure you win at least one of each type of event at each SH level before upgrading.

You should do the build 10 destroy 10 as part of your build out at SH2. If you are not familiar with the 10 for 10 trick, you will find the details in my next HUB. DO NOT claim any empire quests until you are at least SH 6 and have your Gymnos maxed out. You will need to use empire quests to hit the Power Gain inferno events from SH6-SH9. I use 1 each from the 10 for 10 events at this level to collet top prize. One of the Solo awards from the SH8 Power event is a hero skill reset, you may want to complete this one multiple times if you can before going up to SH9.

One of My SH14 Food and Silver Farms

Your Hero's Importance in Resource Production

In Game of War Fire Age Your hero skills and gear will play a huge role in the resource production of your farm account. Your interior should be only the building required to level up your stronghold and the rest filled with Villas (silver production). Your exterior should contain 1 each of the resource you are not focused on and 22 of the resource (RSS) you are focusing on.

Hero Gear - If you are a food farm, there are many options available for items that increase food production, try to focus on crafting items that increase both food and silver. If your farm is for any of the other three (wood, ore or stone) you will want to focus all your gear on Silver production.

Hero Skill Points - As you are developing your farm from stronghold 1 thru 9, you should put as many points as possible first into construction 1 and 2, then into research 1 and 2. You will get a hero respec from a level 8 solo event to change later. Once your stronghold is fully developed, you can change your skills to focus on 1 or 2 resources. (your specific RSS and Silver). At hero level 34 you will want to respec again and put all points into the 3rd tier (50 points) as the bonus is much larger than the prior 2. 50 points in tier 3 of food adds a 697% increase while stone, wood, ore and silver add 347%

Research - Start in the Econ tree and go as high as you can in the tree for Construction and for your specific Resource. At SH14 you can have both at level 7. Once your research is up to par on these two you can continue anywhere or destroy your Academy and add another villa.

Add The Finishing Touches

Determining how high you will build your farm account to depends on your needs. The standard stopping points are SH9 (your hero cannot be captured) or SH14 (your hero cannot be killed). I would recommend moving up to 14 as the increase in production is very substantial and worth more than having your hero home 100% of the time.

Once your farm is developed in full and all resource buildings are at level (9 or 14) you should start looking to the interior to see what can be removed. Barracks, Hospital, Watchtower are the first three I demolish and replace with Villas. You will want to level your hero to 42 to be able to get 2 RSS trees to 50 so I leave the Gymnos until my hero is that level then replace it with a villa as well. After all non essential interior buildings are replaced and the villas leveled up to max level, you can remove the 3 exterior resource tiles and replace with your focused resource.

How Many Farm Accounts do you plan on Making

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My Fully Developed Stronghold 14 Farm


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    • profile image

      Virginia 2 years ago

      I just want to share with you (and others reading this) that I was struggling like crazy switching between accounts, not to mention that the "dictionary trick" never worked for me on the stupid login screen!!! I complained to MZ and, like with everything else, just a pre-written answer and still doesn't work...

      But I found this App called "Extra Accounts" which is fantastic for this because it saves the login information for every account I added to it so now I don't have to type it EVERY SINGLE TIME I switch between my farms or I have to administer a friend's account... And now I can also grab Athena's gifts on 10 accounts in less than 1 minute!!! I love this app...