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Game of the year-And other awards

Updated on January 4, 2010


Game of the year (includes other awards/titles)

This is truly hard for me this year, most other years have 1 or 2 that are in my mind the best but this year it’s a bit more than 2, in fact its 6, 6 games I love, 6 games I bought, and 6 games I still play even long after they came out.


The games- and why

Borderlands (360) is, put simply a hilarious game, and the term "Gun porn" has come into play with many of the other reviewers, this game is awesome, and im talking as someone who almost always plays alone! The variety of the guns is awesome, and the comic-esque style is something I've come to love, and they did it so much better than Madworld, the story is fun, and the narator really involves you, sometimes, but there are times when the action crawls to the top and beats the story down, this game is the most action packed and enjoyable RPG/Shooter (or vise versa) ever created, it shames me to say this, but even though its not perfect, its better than fallout 3 (which was neigh on perfect.)


Dragon Age: Origins (PC) this incredibly in depth story was more about character interaction than even combat for me, you really do fall in love with the people in this game, and they can even break your heart, this game has the realest characters ever created in a game, they will make you love, they will make you cry, and they will eat up the hours of your day.  Probably my favorite non-character related thing about this game is choice, I love choosing where I go to first, or last, its awesome, and choosing (there always seems to be a choice) as to who to side with, its simply amazing. And when you have a few voices from one of my Favorite TV shows ever Star Trek: Voyager its all the better! (Kate Mulgrew as Flemith and Tim Russ as Zathrian)


Madworld (Wii) might seem like an odd choice, especially since I havent even had my Wii for a year, heck I think I just hit the 6 month mark a few weeks ago, but this game is incredible, sure graphically speaking it isn't great, and they made some poor choices, the best example is that staring at the black and white (and red) screen for more than an hour I swear my eyes started to bleed, but I enjoyed this game so much I couldn’t tell you how long it took me, and normally I pay close attention to that. The profanity is drastically over the top and entirely unnecessary, but you get so into the game you hardly hear it, "style" is the big winner here, kill your enemies and rack up points, what could be better? Getting rewards for it! The real problem here is 6 hours is incredibly disappointing.


Halo 3: ODST (360) is a true and unrelenting halo game, its fun has a fantastic story, and is incredibly character driven even though you never speak! The silent protagonist says a lot for someone without a voice, a good soldier, a good man, and most of all a bad ass halo universe hero, this is hands down the best halo game, and the addition of fire fight is incredibly fun even if your just playing alone. Somehow it felt like we learned more about the halo universes other goings on than in the other halo games, and I truly have to say even though I miss the flood (THEY BETTER GET BACK TO THEM SOON!) this game is an unbelievably fun ride, and for those of us that prefer the night, its nice to see the night side of halo so extensively.


Left 4 Dead 2 (360) is awesome, what else can I say? Ok lets start with this, this game should not have been a DLC like so many said, the new characters add a great  diversity to the game, the new campaigns are almost all fun and leave nothing to be desired, the addition of melee weapons took this game over the top for me, I have dreamed since I was about 13 about hacking my way through a flood of zombies with a Katana (Samurai(Ninja?) sword cant remember what the game calls it) and the new guns add a balance to the game, when you’ve got probably twice as many zombies, new infected and a rarely mentioned AI that actually learns how to beat you, you need all the help you can get. Heck the AI (director as some call it) changes weather patterns (so to speak) On hard rain, changes the specials it sends at you, and has even been known to change the landing places of a helicopter!


Modern Warfare 2 (360) is an incredible slap in the face kind of ride! The campaign was so fun I started it again soon after my Xbox live expired, it might be short but its fun, hell its an outright blast! My favorite thing about the campaign is how it switches you from one character to the next, and the best thing (artistically speaking) is when you’re the astronaut, it’s the perfect view and even though he doesn’t have a name, a face, or even a real role he was key to the representation of the story. But where this game really excels is multiplayer as I'm sure everyone knows by now, My favorite thing is quite simply the customization of a gun, you make what your good at and even though I'm not an expert the multiplayer proves that it doesn’t take much for a guy like me to get better.


Breakdown (What got what)


Here it is!


Game of the year- Borderlands (360) this game is fun, nonstop fun! and it would be crazy to think that more DLCs aren't coming, this one finally beat out all the rest because I'm going to be playing it for a while, a long, long while.


Best multiplayer-Modern Warfare 2 Its not a real surprise but for the first time I'm thinking of going long term gold just for this game!


Personal favorite- Left 4 Dead 2 I truly love this game, I cant resist it, even though I usually play alone, and to be quite honest it was almost game of the year, the only thing that stopped it was the simple truth that I wont play it as often, and that was a huge deciding point, sure I will pop it on probably twice a month and do a campaign or 2, but other than that this fantastic game will sit on my shelf unless some DLCs come out.


Honorable mention-Dragon age: Origins The writing and the characters, and the voice acting, simply something I cant resist mentioning here, in that sense this was truly the best game of the year.


Most original game- Plants vs. Zombies even though it wasn’t up for game of the year this game introduced us to the long forgotten epic battle between plants and zombies, this game is a riot, and it takes a while to finish to! Its incredibly funny and even when you’ve beat it you will still be singing "Theres a zombie on your lawn, we don’t want zombies on the lawn!"


Tears and joy- Halo 3: ODST and Madworld, Great job making it! But you guys just didn’t have what it took D= good luck next time!

ODST Music video (includes non game footage)


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