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Sneak Peak : Tom Clancy's The Division

Updated on January 6, 2014


Tom Clancy's The Division is a next-gen Massively Multiplayer Online Role playing Game (MMORPG). Now all though, most gamers would be well acquainted with this term, but for people who are new to this, MMORPGs are online role-playing multiplayer games which allow thousands of gamers to play in the game's evolving virtual world at the same time via the Internet.

The Division, has recently been into a lot of hype and attention as the best graphical milestone ever reached by any other game. With the video released by Ubisoft, it might seem quite a challenge for us to ignore that fact as well. The level of detail put into every single aspect of the game is really appreciable.

What and how was all this done by ubisoft and will the gameplay experience will be as great as Ubisoft claim it to be ? Let us find out.

What is good ?

Now, a lot of people (not on hubpages) asked me about the new game by Ubisoft. They asked me how and what do I feel about this game. Well, to be honest I definitely would buy this game. I try to support every other game developer out there who work so hard to work on a project and bring it in front of so many people.

But, on a review basis, let me get deep into the hows and whats of The Division. Ubisoft and Massive (game's developers, Ubisoft studio) in a recent press conference stated that they have used a new game engine called as the "Snowdrop" which made it seemingly easy to get this level of detail. Not actually did it made it 'easy' (let us not use that word), it actually made the workflow quite consistent with the different designers and had a quite co-operative interface.

Though, snowdrop is not released as a developement kit unlike Cryengine and Unreal, but it actually seems to own a lot of power within itself.

Here is a video by Machinima, that explains the features of the snow drop engine.

From ubisoft's official blog, I found that Massive, was really quite impressed with the job they have done.

“We re-evaluated the entire development workflow to refocus on a smarter, rather than bigger, way of doing things,” he said. That resulted in three pillars for the engine:

Thanks to Snowdrop,

  1. Empowerment.

    Everyone involved with the development can more readily realize their goals. “When using Snowdrop, the artists, the designer and the animators have the power to achieve their ideas and vision, simply by accessing the game directly within the engine,” Massive said. ”Snowdrop is a dynamic, interconnected and united system.”

  2. Real time.

    “Each thing the creators develop need to be instant and in-game, so that they know exactly if it will work, with no baking time,” Massive says. That means lightning-quick iterations, with the team testing and evaluating new game features in an extremely short amount of time. The result is the ability to develop game features faster than ever. “We built Snowdrop in a way so that the game is always playable during development,” Massive shared. “We conduct frequent playtests at Massive to ensure it’s constantly tested at every stage of production. Not only does this allow us to obtain the best quality possible, this enables us to achieve a high level of coherence within the game.”

  3. Fun.

    Hey, games are fun, right? And yes, development is hard work, but it should also be fun. “If the tool is not fun, you kill individual creativity,” Massive says. “We get all kinds of crazy, fun and unexpected results from an intuitive and powerful tool like Snowdrop. That’s exactly what an innovative gameplay experience is about.


My Worries

At this early point, I cannot really put on a firm grasp of the flaws that I find in this game. But some of my priority doubts and worries would be,

  1. Gameplay

    Now overall the hype related to The Division, is basically because of the high tech graphic and AI system, but what makes a Game better than that. I am from an era where games like Duke nukem, Quake were the best first person shooters. It was all because of their interactive gameplay. To be honest, I get back to playing Quake.

    Looking at the gameplay trailer, it seems quite great for now. But, will it be able to keep the excitement and action all through out the game? We will see.

  2. Interactivity

    This might not seem like a major problem, but interactivity might suffer, in my opinion, due to the beasty requirements this game would have. I am talking exclusively about pc gamers over here. I admit that most of us gaming freaks out there would love to grab a copy of The division as soon as it is released, but will all the online players be able to match the requirements of this? Will it somehow affect the interaction level and response time of games across the world?


Apart from the doubts and queries that I mentioned above, I do pretty much believe that it would be awesome. There is no fixed date, i suppose right now as if to when will the game be released, but it is to be set somewhere maybe in Sept 2014, though I am not sure about it.

Let me know in the comments below, did you like my review for the game and if this article or my future articles might need any improvements.

Overall rating

4 stars for The division


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