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GameFly Free Trial and Membership Explained

Updated on July 1, 2014

GameFly Free Trial and Membership Explained

GameFly Free Trial and Membership Explained

My GameFly Membership

With all the ado made about Call of Duty Black Ops, I wanted to have my hand at it. Not wanting to pay $60 for the video game I enlisted in GameFly video game rentals. Instead of going to the store or Red box to rent games, I sat in the comfort of my home computer chair and for $5.95 began my monthly membership with GameFly!

GameFly Free Trial and Membership Explained

GameFly Paid Membership Options

I like the $5.95* a month plan as one game for a whole month gives me time to become acquainted with the game. Also, it's the cheapest plan! If I rented Call of Duty Black Ops from Blockbuster I would pay $9.71! You do the math. I saved $3.76 by having the first month membership with GameFly. Surely, you see the value.

GameFly proclaims that their best value membership plan is the two game a month plan. You begin the membership by paying $9.95. After the first month you pay $22.95 a month. Again, you have mail-order access to any two video games for a month.

Easy Registration Process

I entered my billing information and e-mail information. Yes, a valid credit card is needed to start your membership. After registering on the GameFly website, I chose my gaming console (Wii). Next I chose Call of Duty Black Ops. Once the game was confirmed, it was off in the mail! The game arrived within a few days, complete with a self-addressed and postage-free envelope.

GameFly Gaming Consoles

GameFly accommodates the following consoles: Playstation 3, PS 2, PSP, XBox 360, XBOX, Wii, Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo DS, and Gameboy Advance.

Returning Games to GameFly

Once you're tired of the game or your 30 days are up, return the video game in the provided return envelope and return it without paying any postage, of course. A new game is at your fingertips by simply selecting a new game on the GameFly website. It will immediately be shipped to your address in the place of the game previously returned. Honestly, this is a very easy and time-friendly process.

*After the first month the fee is only $15.95 a month for one game directly in the mail to you.

Best Value! 2 Games Out at a time $9.95 first month($22.95/month after) ,  1 Game Out at a time $5.95 first month($15.95/month after),   Free Trial (2 Games Out) 10-day free trial($22.95/month after)
Best Value! 2 Games Out at a time $9.95 first month($22.95/month after) , 1 Game Out at a time $5.95 first month($15.95/month after), Free Trial (2 Games Out) 10-day free trial($22.95/month after)

GameFly Free Trial and Membership Explained

GameFly Free Trial and Membership Explained

GameFly Free Trial is Great for Gamers Low on Funds and Parents Looking to Sample Games before buying!

GameFly has an assortment of games from "Kingdom Hearts" to "Mass Effect 2". If you're a parent considering purchasing a video game for your child, you may wish to consider the GameFlyFree Trial! This will allow you 10 days absolutely free to try the games of your choice. The great thing about the GameFly free trial is that you get not one, but two games for free up to 10 days! Parents, check out your child's games for appropriateness! Gamers, waiting to buy your game on payday? Wait if you must? Or get the game now and try it out for free with the GameFly free trial by visiting the official GameFly website at the blue link above^^^ or below vvv! You can cancel before or on the 10th day and your credit card not be billed. After you've canceled your free trial membership, return the games and smile at that bargain!

GameFly Free Trial and Membership Explained

Someone posted a video on YouTube and described GameFly as the video game version of NetFlix! As a patron, I must agree. You don't have to worry about returning your games on time and the hustle and bustle of getting to the video store before closing. GameFly makes the selection process rather easy and takes no time to get the games delivered by mail! For more information on the GameFly membership or GameFly free trial, simply visit GameFly!


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