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Best Games Like Adventure Quest

Updated on April 5, 2014
Games which are similar to Adventure Quest are easy to pick up and play.
Games which are similar to Adventure Quest are easy to pick up and play.

Adventure Quest is a very popular game. There are a lot of people who play the game series regularly. The game is 2D and browser based. There are many such interesting browser based games similar to Adventure Quest. All these games may not be exactly the same, but the concept is similar. The AQ like games should be browser based, free to play with in- game purchasing ability. Such games may have big online players’ community. These should be fantasy games with a lot of quests.

Here is the list of some of the best Adventure Quest like games. If you like AQ, then you can check these similar projects too. There is a certain possibility that you would be hooked by any of these games. Anyway, do not forget to share my page with your friends. You can do this by simply clicking the Facebook like button or the tweet button.

N.B.: This list is not serially made. There is no number one or number two in it. So, the position of any game is random, there is no rank. I hope, that I have made my point clear to you.

RuneScape 3

RuneScape is a 3D browser based HTML5 MMORPG game. It will be liked by the Adventure Quest fans. Like A.Q., you can make free accounts. But the free account has many limitations. The game has a huge number of players. But the action can become repetitive. There are three PC classes. A warrior has a sword or a mace; a ranger is equipped with a bow and the mage with his magic staff. The graphics look good. The voice acted dialogs are great.

The browser based games like "Runescape 3" are fun to play
The browser based games like "Runescape 3" are fun to play

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“DragonFable” is another free to play browser based roll playing fantasy game like Adventure Quest. The developers “Atrix Entertainment” tend to update it weekly. The game is a single player one. The graphics are not also 3D. But the comics like images are eye pleasing. The game play is addictive. Another positive point is starting the game is very easy. No activation or download required to do so. The elements of humor keeps you hooked to the game.

Puzzle Pirates Gameplay Video

Puzzle Pirate

Puzzle Pirate is not exactly like Adventure Quest on every point. The game is browser based and easy to play. It is also a MMORPG. But the point of difference with AQ is the puzzles. You have to solve puzzles to keep advancing. This game consists of a lot of puzzle based mini games. It would be interesting to you if you like to solve puzzles. There is a huge online community on it. There are a lot of extra activities to do besides solving mini games.

Fallen Sword

Fallen Sword is an ambitious project by “Haunted Cow Studios”. This fantasy online roll playing game has some high quality graphics and state of the art combat situations. The game has a huge world to explore. There is a big community of gamers living inside the virtual world. The developers have tried to hard to increase the level of browser based MMORPGs. They have succeeded to create a high quality game.

Spiral Knights

The browser based game “Spiral Knights” will be liked by the “Adventure Quest” fans for sure. It is a retro style dungeon crawler. The graphics are dated but the game play is not bad. You have to venture into an alien planet’s underground in search of materials to rebuild your space ship. There are various types of enemies like pack rats, wolves, alien robots etc. It is free to play to a certain point. To complete all the levels of the game you need to buy some energy points.

"Spiral Nights" is a great alternative to Adventure Quest
"Spiral Nights" is a great alternative to Adventure Quest

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A Mystical Land

The game “A Mystical Land” is another great Adventure Quest alternative. The publisher of the game is “Neonga Nation”. The epic fantasy game’s setting is a magical land. The PC’s task is to fight the evil rebels, bandits and demons to save the villagers and the king. The world of the game is big enough. The graphics quality is pretty high. The player can make his home and lead a life style. There are four character classes: warrior, wizard, hunter and priest. There are a lot of quests in it. The character’s skill enhanced with each successful quests.


Neosaurs is a 2D browser based game. It is also a MMORPG. The game is side-scroller like Mario. As the name implied, the game has some cute dinosaurs. The players will control the beasts to fight the forces of darkness. This game is developed by Microsoft games. There are three dinosaur classes: Rex, Cera and Ptera.


"Drakensang" is a mixture of Diablo and Adventure Quest. This is a successful browser based MMORPG. It is, you guessed it right, a hack and slash adventure. The setting of the story is a medieval fantasy world. The duty of the player is to recover it from the clutches of evil monsters and dragons. There are four available classes for the player; dwarf, mage, knight and ranger). The game play is entertaining. The graphics is high class and beautiful. The game is interesting and there are a lot of activities to do. Another good thing about it is that this game is updated regularly.


Open your browser to play the interesting free game named Wartune. The game is very simple. It is quiet easy to pick it up and play. It is a turn based RPG. There are numerous demons to slay. The player have to explore and survive from many dungeons. There are some immensely satisfying boss battles in the game. There are many daily quests to complete to get rewarded. Anyway, if you are an Adventure Quest fan, then you must check this game.


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