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Games Like FTL(Faster Than Light)

Updated on September 10, 2013
FTL | Source

Good Games Like FTL(Faster Than Light)

This game can be highly addicting if you enjoy rogue like games. The micro management and space them really reels you in if you are a big space geek. Below are some games that you might enjoy as well.


Star Control II

Star Control 2 is a sci-fi based video game with awesome game play created on the PC. In Star Control 1, it was mostly action battles. As they transition to the sequel, they started to focus more on space exploration and story mode. There is also a lot of diplomacy involved and you could also gather resources. I guess it does have some similarities to Starcraft as well. This is more of an adventure game rather than rogue like, but it does have some fast paced action that requires some nimble fingers to do well. There is also plenty of backstory that was not included in the original which you will get to see as well.



XCOM is a popular game series that focuses on alien invasion. This might appeal to you if you are big on aliens. The main story of the game is about alien invasions that begin in 1999. To combat the aliens, X-COM(Extraterrastrial Combat Unit) is formed to give some hope to mankind. They are basically elite soldiers that are tasked to eliminate alien attacks.

The most popular series seems to be XCOM: Enemy Unknown and it is also the newest one. You get to choose units to battle in a map that requires strategic positioning and also some shooting action as well. It requires a lot of micro management as well. This is a game you should be checking out since it just came out in 2012 and a lot of people are giving positive feedback on it.


Galactic Civilizations 2

This a turn-based strategy game developed by Stardock. After the successful release of the original Galactic Civilizations, the sequel becomes quite a popular hit as well. The game is set in the future, where aliens including Terrans try to conquer the galaxy and planets to assume power in each of the territories.

The story off the game starts of with a powerful civilization known as "Precursors" that controlled most of the galaxies. There was discontent among little civilizations that caused a split into 2 factions. The Arnor faction wants enlightenment while the Dread Lords want them dead.

The game gives you up to 10 civilizations to choose from and you can build battleships that can utilize their offensive and defensive capabilities. This game is quite a treat for sci-fi gamer fans.


Strange Adventures in Infinite Space

This game is a semi rogue like space adventure delight. It is developed by Digital Eel. You get to explore the Milky Way. The game is randomized like Diablo does with their maps. Events, alien patrols and certain elements of the game are always randomized so you won't get the same thing twice.

This game is not very long, so you could finish it quickly if you wanted to. This is perfect for people that have short attention spans. This game, however, does not have battles that you get in FTL.


Star Ruler

Star Ruler is a real time strategy space game that mainly focuses on ship building. The game is developed by Blind Mind Studios. The size of the in-game universe is determined by your computer's processor. If you have a good processor, your universe gets much bigger.

One of the cool things about the game is that it has a lot of attention to detail on unit customization and orbitals. In fact, one of the best features that the game offers is the construction of the ship. For example, if you build a weapon that is twice the size of the regular one, the power consumption doubles. Their game mechanic is quite interesting and there are no limits on how big you want your ship to be.


Super Robot Wars

This one is a bonus from my experience of playing space games such as Star Control and Starcraft. Super Robot Wars is a Japanese robot game that has all the mechs from different popular anime shows joining forces together and fighting evil robots. The game is a turn-based strategy game with cool graphics as well. The only thing is that it is in Japanese, so this might not be suitable for English only gamers. I personally don't know Japanese but I just memorize the control to play it.

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Games Like FTL(Faster than Light) Conclusion

There you have it guys! Hope you are able to find another game that will satisfy your sci-fi needs. If you have any suggestions on any other games that are similar to Faster than Light, please drop a comment below!


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    • SimilarSam profile image

      Sam 3 years ago from Australia

      Huge fan of this game, thanks for the list!

    • profile image

      geek85 3 years ago

      you can add "Out There" on smartphones.

    • Alpagador profile image

      Aldryn Jon Pagador 3 years ago from Philippines

      Nice list!

    • profile image

      IBOL17 4 years ago

      There's a game like a lot of these that have been mentioned. It's a modern space roguelike with a huge scope, and it's on kickstarter for a few more hours. There are still lots of great rewards available before the close. It's called Approaching Infinity :