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Games to Follow Into 2019

Updated on November 25, 2018
Wesley Atwood profile image

Wesley is an avid gamer, streaming enthusiast, and a technology advocate with a certification in management & information systems technology

1. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

While not much is known yet about the newest Harry Potter mobile AR game, there are a small handful of things that are important to know for sure. For starters, it seems as though Wizards Unite will drop sometime in early 2019. On top of that from the information available currently, the game will be taking place in either a pre or post-Voldemort world/timeline. This is particularly exciting because prior information about the game's development was mostly centered around the "Fantastic Beasts" world. With the original release date targeted for mid to late 2018 and now confirmed to be pushed back to early 2019, it seems as though the developers have repurposed the main concept and storyline that the game will follow. Right now the only other things known about Wizards Unite are via the thirty-second video teaser and the story premise information all found at On their site is more information regarding the game's premise and an "Enlist Now" button, presumably to early register for beta and future updates, though the beta part is yet to be confirmed.

2. Dreams

Published by Sony Interactive Entertainment and developed by Media Molecule, Dreams is a huge and upcoming sandbox style game that focuses on the idea of creating anything the user desires. From animated music videos, fan film shorts, all the way to practically full-length games, Dreams is only limited by the users' imagination and time available to put into any development idea. All of the content anyone creates from this platform is shareable to other users and communities. This is huge as it allows for endless user-generated content. The major downside, if there even is one, is the idea that this game is currently only scheduled for release to the PS4 with no rumors or indication for any other platform to get a hold of it yet. While the beta is set to drop in late to end of 2018, the full game will become available in 2019 looking earlier in the year rather than later. For more insight and to preview the available gameplay from the creators, check out


3. Diablo Mobile: Diablo Immortal

Even with the amount of hate and backlash that Blizzard has received since the announcement of Diablo Immortal, the hype train still is chugging along with no stop in sight. Currently, players are able to preregister on both the Google Play app store and the ITunes app store in addition to Blizzard's Diablo site. As far as what a few things that can be expected are, it seems players will face a number of enemies returning from Diablo II, while Skarn the Herald of Terror playing a major role as the main villain, and Archangel Tyrael being presumed dead. Classes available upon starting the game are practically the usual expected; Barbarian, Monk, Demon Hunter, Wizard, Crusader, and the Necromancer. The game itself has undergone some heavy changes, mostly to the user interface, for a best mobile experience for the franchise. For those concerned heavily about connectivity, the game is online multiplayer enabled with a promise of unique zones and dungeons for a fresh experience.

4. Tom Clancy's: The Division 2

TC's The Division 2 is set in stone to drop on March 15th, 2019 with the usual vital game modes already intact like the campaign, co-op, and PvP. There is confirmation that the there will be new endgame concepts for level thirty and above agents to retain a focus on. The progression system aside from agent level will focus heavily on the player's weapons, gear, and skills. The game itself will be centered around a post-pandemic setting in Washington DC to prevent the total destruction and downfall of the city. For gameplay footage and some hype-filled trailers, visit


5. Gears 5 (Gears of War)

Gears 5, the newest addition coming to the Gears of War franchise sounds like it will be following the concept to Gears of War 4 along with what the developers have described as "Constant Contrast" and "Dramatic Change" to add their own brand of flavor to the franchise(since The Coalition was establishing in the past game, that they were plenty capable of producing a Gears of War that fans would love). This new installment will serve as a prequel to Gears of War 4. While most followers of this game well know already, this is actually the six installment to the series, regardless of the number in the title. What the developers have in store for the dramatic changes coming, has been very well kept under wraps and nothing concrete is yet known. What is known is, with the success they had with Gears 4, the team will be going all out to deliver a mind-blowing experience to all those who have followed and loved the Gears of War universe thus far. The only other main change that has become public however is the idea that while Marcus Fenix will still retain a present role and a large focus, the main character will be that of Kait Diaz. This fact in mind, it is highly likely that this installment will act as a middle chapter for events in Gears of War 3 and Gears of War 4 while laying the base and premise for the next game release as well. For a deeper dive of what's to come and an outstanding trailer, visit

6. Warcraft III: Remastered

That's right Warcraft fans! Warcraft III Reforged is a complete reimaged and beautiful remake of the loved Warcraft III Real Time Strategy game. Following the original Warcraft III story as the campaigns players will face will be that of Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne. There will be more than 60+ single player missions all of which feature updated animations and support up to 4k resolution. Some features worth mentioning are the new social and matchmaking features along with a new and improved world editor that will support custom player maps and sharing. Preordering and trailers are available here:


7. Anthem

There is already tons of hype around Bioware's Anthem, mainly for the fact that it is hugely being compared to Bungie and Activision's Destiny franchise. That being said, it almost starts to get a little more obvious with the concepts and ideas behind this new title, which will come to players February 22nd, 2019. The game focuses on the fact that players will be a pilot of sorts, wielding what is being called Javelin Suits or "Javelins". There currently are known to be four different Javelins, each with their own unique abilities and playstyle, including Javelin ultimate abilities. It is worth noting that each pilot can work with different suits without being confined to just one and work on progression for all of them, time permitting. Currently, there are four classes of Javelin Suits to pick from, such as the Colossus, which is heavily armored and Anthem's largest Javelin. The rest of the Javelins currently are Ranger; known for precision and damage focus while retaining abilities to be the most versatile, Then the Interceptor; a Javelin with the fastest playing and most agile style, and lastly Storm; a Javelin known for its devastating abilities to dish out extreme damage from a distance, and not just with weapons. For more information on gameplay, player experience, and knowledge on the world of Anthem, visit:


8. Pokemon RPG 2019

Not much is known yet, but the new idea circulating in the world of Pokemon is there is a new style of an RPG themed game coming to the franchise. What is confirmed about this, however, is that this will be a Pokemon game without the Pokemon Go mechanics currently implemented in the new Let's Go Pokemon Switch games. In fact, multiple employees from Game Freak have been noted about saying things like this will be more for the fans of the original core series along with implementations of newer Switch mechanics. The game will particularly include new graphical elements and mechanics with a more hands-on play-style, with even hints of the ability to include room for two-player mechanics. A big teaser was the nod to the idea of being able to transfer previous Pokemon from other games players have spent the time and effort to acquire. With no permanent release day set yet, it is rumored to come out in late 2019, currently as a Nintendo Switch exclusive.

9. Cyberpunk 2077

This new single-player RPG is already more than promising just with its' visuals alone. Cyberpunk 2077 will follow a first-person story style perspective, with an unbelievable amount of free roaming to do throughout the world. While the story will play as a huge element to the game, the surrounding world is crazily in-depth and interactive with practically endless ways to explore or discover more mind-blowing madness. The major influencing idea behind this new RPG is the fact that it is gigantically choice based from character customization, weapons, and all the way to play-style, which will be hugely influenced by decisions and augmentations throughout the game. With Cyberpunk 2077 be fully human, or full cyborg, or somewhere in-between. For a much more in-depth experience into the world of Cyberpunk, head over to


10. Devil May Cry 5

That's right DMC fans, it is happening. Devil May Cry returns in all its' glory as the fifth installment is set to hit on March 8th, 2019. Fans should be getting plenty excited over this if not already, as Dante will be returning as a major focus of the game. On top of getting Dante as a central focus, Nero will also be returning, how much of a major role he will play though is still a bit hush-hush. As Devil May Cry 5 kicks off, it seems it will be taking place a few years after the events of Order of the Sword. One major notable concept is that this newest installment will retain the "Style/Rank" system for combat and accomplishing certain triumphs or feats of strength. To see the beautiful gameplay to come, check out


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