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How to get better at CS:GO

Updated on May 24, 2017

Want to get better?

Being good at aiming is pretty much half of what makes you a better CS:GO Player. The other half is game sense,confidence, map knowledge and team play. But to get even better at that, you need to play constantly. People always saying that they lose more than half of their games, so what to do? Well, if you ask me, than you can do many things that will help you.

Aiming and Movement

Like I said first thing is aiming. So to improve your aiming you can play deathmatch servers. It also will drastically improve your movement. I usually play deathmatch server about 30 minutes before starting to play competitive match.


Surroundings are very important, know where the enemy is. It's very important in every round. The hint is Sound and Minimap. Every time you or your teammate see the enemy red dot will pop up in minimap.


Communication is one of key points, talk to your teammates, tell them information about enemy whereabouts and weapons if you can. But don't forget to be quiet after you have died, because sometimes you can disrupt teammate. One more thing, MUTE toxic players! It's sad, but sometimes there is some toxic players, then just mute them, because you don't need that king of communication.


What are ECO Rounds? An ECO round is where you are playing as cheaply as possible due to your economy. This usually means that you will NOT BUY ANYTHING AT ALL and will instead just run with your default weapons, no armor, no grenades, and no kits (if CT side). You just need to try do as much damage as you can. The next full buy will probably be in round 4 (if you don't win rounds faster).

Experience and Map Knowledge

The experience, what is he talking about? I'm talking about losing, yes losing. When you lose you can look back at your own gameplay and always see what you did good and what not so good. Don't be angry after games, don't blame teammates. Think! What was I doing wrong, where can I improve? You can use your lost games in very smart way, so next time that can never happen again.

About the map knowledge all you have to know is to play that specific map more and more. Then you will definitely learn all kinds of small tricks and what to do in specific times.


Grenades are really helpful, especially smoke grenades and molotovs. With time you will be able to make fast and strategic plays. You can even find specific grenade maps in community and go train in them or watch some Youtube videos.


Weapon choice are important, usually try to pick most comfortable weapon for yourself. If by some reason you can't shoot with that weapon good, then relax and try something else.

The AK-47 are always one shot headshot, but M4 is 2-shot weapon, so remember that T side are always little advantage, the same thing is with SG-553 vs Aug.

If you want to shoot with snipers start with awp, because you can kill enemy with one shot.

Note: With awp you will have slower movement, and negev even slower.


The most important thing, don't forget to have FUN! And good luck!


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    • profile image

      Lauris 11 months ago

      I see you are really experienced with the game. And you know a lot about it. It helped me alot, thanks. :)