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Games for Older People (retro games) on the Playstation 4, and Games I would like to see on the Playstation 4.

Updated on September 2, 2013

The Games that Have Been Announced

This is a list of retro games that older generations would like to see on the PS4. The first list will be updated as games are announced. The second list is of games I would like to see announced. Please comment if you want a game added to the list.

1. ODDWORLD: New 'N' Tasty

You may recognize this guy, Abe, from as far back as the Playstation 1 (PSX). I spent countless hours playing the game over and over and was always my favorite. Now its back, in High definition, and totally revamped. That's right, its not the same as the original. Instead it uses the same game play with a whole new and improved story, without changing everything we loved about Abe Odyssey.

This may sound odd, but this alone may be push me over the decision edge into buying a Playstation 4. I was thinking about it, but Abe New and Tasty has done it for me.

2. Putty Squad

Now technically this one is a PS3 release but will be playable on the PS4 so if you remember Putty from the Amiga days, this one will excite you. The gameplay was a little stuttery back then, but its all been revamped, again, with the same appearance as the old game, just updated graphics. It will still be a 2D side scroller. I am not sure about anyone else but I for one and buying it even for the nostalgia effect.

Games I Am Hoping To See Announced or Brought Into the Modern Era

Below please find a list of games that I am hoping to see announced in the future for the PS4. Keep in mind that the PS4 may be the first console ever to be powerful enough to run PC games.

1.Civilization V (or even III)

If they can port over the existing Civilization V with an add-on or two to the PS4, I would be delighted. The Civilization franchise is one of my favorite games of all time, and as you age, gaming becomes less and less justifiable. With civilization however, that is not so. This games takes that guilt out of gaming and is suitable for all ages. In fact it is a masterpiece of class and intelligence.

Some argue that they would need a mouse and keyboard to play this game. For me, I disagree, but so be it. Sony bring us a mouse and keyboard. It should be simple to do on the PS4.

2. A Bundle of Old PC Strategy Games

Sony could potentially port over hundreds of old PC games such as Pharaoh, Human Onslaught, Warcraft, Black and White etc etc and bundle them into a "Value bundle" allowing us to purchase the games at very affordable prices.

With these though, we would need a mouse and keyboard, and this is something that I think we will see in time.

3. Crash Bandicoot - A new game in the old spirit

A new Crash Bandicoot game, don't change him, just make a new game and release it on the ps4 with a huge amount of content and maybe even include a crash team racing part of the same game. It will sell and I would buy it. I know this is unlikely, but I would like to see this nevertheless.

And no silly spin offs or silly titles, just CRASH BANDICOOT. Nothing more is needed. Dont put, mutant, space or anything else in the title. Make it a grand, overall, brilliant game that includes everything.

Who doesn't miss the fun days of the Bandicoot?

4. Road Rash

Pure and simple, but this time do it properly with real motorcycles in a gran turismo format, but keep the old fashioned chain in the face style. I know that many games have this kind of thing in them, but road rash could specialize in this specific genre and bring it back to life. There have been a few silly versions since the Sega's "Road rash 2," but I realy would love a proper new version, in the same line as the originals.

5. Golden Axe

And I am not referring to the god awful remake that we have already seen. I am talking about something like what you can see at the link below. A nice style, similar to the Sega version, the original characters, the same old school music but updated, but how they would make it with today's technology.

Take a look at the link. The game looks fantastic. They even have those memorable skeletons. Unfortunately the game was never completed or released. Maybe soon, with Sony's new found confidence in Indie Developers and retro titles?

6. Syphon Filter

An exact remake of the 1st (and best) Syphon filter, with updated graphics, extended levels and up to date game play. This game was one of the originals of its genre and something that should receive more recognition. I am sure all the purchasers of the recent Goldeneye reboot would purchase this in a heartbeat. Gabe Logan deserves another shot!!

More Ideas to come

Feel free to add comments of your ideas, for what games you will like to see added to the PS4 library or what you think could be rebooted on the new system.

I will be back soon to add some more thoughts :)


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    • cfin profile image

      cfin 4 years ago from The World we live in

      As long as the man himself doesn't make a comeback, that would be fine by me :) I never played that game unfortunately.

    • toptendeals profile image

      Jason Benedict 4 years ago from Boca Raton, Florida

      I'd like to see Mike Tysons Punch Out make a come back hehe :D