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Gaming Ottomans - Rock Band Game Storage Ottoman Rockband and More

Updated on August 17, 2014

If you have a video gaming system like a Wii, Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 in your home them you will quickly come to realise just how many little (and not so little) extras you will end up buying in order to play the more interactive and fun games those console offer. Those accessories soon start to take up a lot of space which is when you can definitely start to benefit from some kind of storage solution.

Video game storage ottomans are ideal for this purpose. They are a multi-functional piece of furniture which easily doubles up as a coffee table, footrest or bench for extra seating whilst providing a nice hollow area under the padded lid in which to store your guitars, keyboard, drumsticks and all the other accessories which come along with these products.

Many are designed with straps and holders inside to maximize the storage space allowing you to strap a guitar or two under the lid for example leaving the rest of the space for other items.

Accessory creep is insidious and before you know it you've got a roomfull of the stuff cluttering up the corners and ultimately getting lost or damaged because there simply isn't anywhere safer to put them.

Games like Rockband, Guitar Hero and the new DJ Heroor Rocksmith are some of the worst offenders as, buy three or four of these titles and suddenly you've got a couple of guitars, a DJ turntable, microphone, drumkit and now a wireless keyboard too hanging about the place...all bulky and annoying to stow away effectively.

However, developers are not completely immune to the headache all these peripheral devices can cause parents or the rest of us adult gamers and hence, there are a number of video game accessory storage solutions which you can buy to declutter your home.

Game storage ottomans are one such solution which not only gives you a stylish piece of furniture you can use as a footstool, extra seating or temporary table but also will hold a lot of your gaming accessories or anything else you want out of the way like strategy guides and spare controllers.

Recommended Best Gaming Ottoman For Storage Of Rock Band, Guitar Hero and Band Hero Peripherals

This gaming storage ottoman is designed specifically to help take back your living space from all those clunky plastic music game instruments and accessories.

Designed with a solid wood frame and a leather-look PVC exterior, this is a very well thought out piece of furniture for the music gamer. It features internal drum stick loops and velcro straps to hold guitar peripherals in place under the lid with several internal side pockets to hold additional accessories.

Universal storage trays are designed to fit multiple accessories from different consoles whether they be Xbox 360, PS3 or Wii so you'll not just be dumping everything into a big pile inside. The lid is hinged with safety features to stop it slamming closed on your fingers.

This will look nice in any room of your house and the easy carry handles make transporting it a breeze too.

Another Great Option - The Cohesion Bandbox

If the above product isn't to your liking or has since become unavailable then there are other alternatives out there including this one which is another great product which is not only functional but looks great too.

Styled with a sleek black synthetic leather exterior this gaming ottoman will look good in any room of your house. A lot of gaming furniture looks like it should be only ever see the light of day in a teenager's bedroom but this stylish ottoman will find in neatly with any adult decor.

Externally, it is very pleasing to look at. Internally, it is very spacious with easily enough room to find your entire Rock Band, Guitar Hero or Band Hero kit inside, including the drum kit, and still have space for additional accessories, like game controllers etc. You can declutter your room in no time.

The nice thing for the music gaming fraternity is the way the drum kit integrates into the ottoman itself on a telescoping stand. Previously, the drums were a bear to store, whilst guitars could always be slid behind a couch, under a bed or even hung on the wall if you got desperate but the drums sucked. Now you have the perfect storage solution and it works great.


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