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Gears Of War 3 Beast Mode: Locust Characters List

Updated on September 29, 2011

Beast mode is a new game mode in Gears Of War 3. For the first time ever, you get to play as the locust horde and fight against the COG military soldiers. Beast mode is basically the opposite of horde mode, except you will fight against more than 5 soldiers in the higher waves. There are 12 waves of beast mode, even though I'm sure that EPIC games will release download content that will add more waves. Along with fighting against the COG, you will also have to destroy their fortifications such as barriers, turrets, decoys, etc. Beast mode becomes harder after each wave. There will be more Gears of War COG soldiers and more defensive fortifications that will block your path.

There are four main branches of locust that you can play as in Gears of War 3's Beast Mode. You will not have access to all of the locust at the beginning, but you can unlock more.

First Column A Locust

Wild Tickers

Wild tickers are quick, but not very strong. They are useful for destroying defensive barriers and fortifications. They have a melee attack and can eat a grenade.


These tickers are very fast, but their only attack is exploding. Once the attack is used, the ticker is dead. It's best to use this ticker if you are trying to take out an individual COG soldier quickly.


Wretches have 3 attacks. They can melee at close range. They can use a jump attack against enemies, which can also be used for jumping over barriers. And lastly, they have a scream attack that has the ability to stun enemies that are nearby. The wretch can also use cover.


Butchers are very big and can withstand a lot of damage, however, they are quite slow (even while running). They can attack with their cleaver and also have a basic melee attack.

Savage Drone Locust

A standard locust soldier that is equipped with a Retro Lancer. The controls are no different than if you were playing multiplayer.

Second Column B Locust


The bloodmount can only perform a melee attack, but can spot enemies so the AI controlled locust drone can shoot enemies. Bloodmounts are quite fast moving creatures and can withstand a lot of damage before dying.


Maulers are very strong and can protect themselves with a shield. They attack with a large flail that can cause massive damage to an enemy. Maulers are not that fast, but have the ability to run to get closer to their targets.


The Kantus is equipped with a Gorgon pistol and has ink grenades. While they can not take cover, they have a roll evade maneuver. Kantus can also revive and heal team mates by emitting a loud screaming shriek.


Third Column C Loust


Boomers are very slow, but are equipped with a Boomshot grenade launcher, which is extremely powerful. The boomer can run and melee enemies, but their main strength is the boomshot they carry.

Savage Grenadier

A locust soldier than is equipped with a shotgun and frag grenades. Normal controls apply.

Savage Corpser

An extremely powerful creature that has the ability to burrow itself underground and emerge out of the ground to attack enemies. The savage corpser has armor to prevent incoming damage and can also use a leg stomp attack.

Giant Serapede

A long centipede like creature that can only be damaged by being shot at the tip of it's tail. These are great for taking down barriers with their bite attack.

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Fourth Column D Locust

Savage Boomer

Is similar to the regular Boom, except this one is equipped with a Digger.The digger can kill enemies hiding behind cover. The Savage Boomer has a melee attack and can run.


A very powerful locust creature than can destroy COG soldiers and barriers extremely easy. The berserk can withstand huge amounts of damage. This is one of the best creatures to use in Gears of War 3 Beast Mode. The berserker has a charging attack and a fist attack. The charge attack is excellent for destroying barriers

Armored Kantus

A Kantus that is nearly invincible on most parts of it's body. This Kantus is equipped with Dual Gorgon Pistols and has a roll attack to damage enemies. Just like the regular Kantus, this one can heal and revive allies.


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