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Gears of War 3 Cog Tag Location Guide

Updated on April 27, 2016

Guide to Remembering the Fallen

Remember the Fallen, All of the Fallen

In the final edition of Epic Games' hit Gears of War franchise, Gears of War 3, it is your mission to find and recover the COG Tags of your fallen comrades, throughout the games missions. As with all other games in the Gears of War franchise, the achievement for doing so, is called "Remember the Fallen". Each COG Tag can be located by spotting the Gears of War COG symbol that is usually in plain sight, like red blood, but some of them require additional actions to actually recover, like say throwing a grenade near an object to explode. In this guide I will walk you through and briefly explain their locations, without taking the challenge away.


In the prologue you can find the first COG Tag, directly to the right of Marcus' prison cell.


On the deck of the ship is a cargo hold with a Gears symbol on it. Next to it lies a dead COG soldier. Shoot him and get the hidden COG Tag.

Home Coming

As Cole Train, head into the grocery store and look for a Gears symbol near the Mech Loader and the crate of food you need. Around there is a side room with the hidden COG Tag on a desk.

Helping Hand

Towards the end of this mission you will leave the Camp, but before you do you will be in a warehouse. When you leave there will be a brick wall with the Gears symbol on it and a dead COG soldier has the tag.


Look at the cut scene in this chapter and you will see the Gears symbol on the cago hold, near Chairman Prescott, When he is killed and the coast is clear, head around back of this crate to find the COG Tag.

Forced Entry

There is a bunch of Locust gaurds that you must snipe before they sound the alarms. If you can do this successfully, you will see a door open which holds this hard to find hidden COG Tag.


Defend Dizzy from the Reaper attack and then head to the streets. Inside the most dilapidated building you can find the hidden COG Tag inside, up the first staircase.


The Lambent Beserker will be in your way here, so run to the safety of the gates, but stop right outside of the gate to get the COG Tag, before the Beserker destroys you.

Ghost Town

In Ghost Town, look for the Fresh Meat Stand and find the COG Tag hiding in all of the blood.

Ashes to Ashes

After the Ash Man dumps the Lambent Polyps at you, head to the building, opposite the one Sam tells you to go in and you will find the next COG Tag.

Bon Voyage

Whislt heading through the dicking station in this chapter you will come across a bunch of containers and inside of the container is a COG Tag.


Ride the Silverback onto the lift and look for the room marked with the number 3. Inside this area is a concrete barrier with the Gears symbol on it. Destroy the barrier with the Silverback and get that COG Tag.

Shattered Paradise

Find the Angel Statue in this chapter and look for a dead body in the corner near it. There is a COG Tag near this body.

Defeat The Locust Queen

When you defeat the Locust Queen, head to the arcade and use the highlight function to find the Gears symbol painted on the wall. Near this are 3 crates which you must destroy to find the final COG Tag and obtain the "Remember the Fallen" achievement.

Remember All of the Fallen COG Soldiers

Play th entire Gears of War Franchise and get all of the "Remember the Fallen" achievements for each game. They are not the easiest collectibles to be found, but you get a ton of gamerscore and wouldn't you want your comrades to do the same for you?

Get the Entire Gears of War Franchise and Gears Gear

Gears of War

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