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Gears of War 3 Multiplayer Game Modes

Updated on October 7, 2011

Gears of War 3 has a number of multiplayer game modes. Some old game modes have returned, while others will not be featured. There are a total of six multiplayer game modes in Gears of War 3;Team Deathmatch, Warzone, Execution, Capture the Leader, King of the Hill, and Wingman. Some changes have been made to some of the game modes.

Team Deathmatch

This is a new game mode for Gears of War 3. It has the same rules as Warzone, except you have a total of 15 respawns (for one team, not each player). The team who depletes the other teams respawns and kills the remaining players wins the game. Each team has 20 lives if you include the respawns.


Every player only has one life and you do not need to execute an opponent to kill them. Once you die, you will not be able to respawn again in the same round. The goal is to eliminate the enemy team. The first team to win 3 rounds wins.


Eliminate the opposing team. Similar to Warzone, except you can not kill an enemy player from a distance when they are downed. You need to execute them up close for them to die. Each player only has one life each round. The first team to win 3 rounds wins the match. This is a game mode that first appeared in Gears of War 1.

King of the Hill

The goal is to defend a certain area of the map until the time is up. The team who defends it until the time clears will earn a point. This game mode is basically the same as annex from the previous Gears of Wars.

Capture the Leader

Each team's objective is to meatshield the enemies leader, while also defending their own leader. The team who meatshields (takes them as hostage) the enemy leader for 30 seconds wins the round.

Queen Myrrah is the leader for the Locust Team and Chairman Prescott is the leader for the COG team.


Team up with a partner who will be the same character as you. There are a total of 4 teams of two. The first 2-player team to reach 15 points or above wins. If a team ties, there will be another round.

Teams get points for killing other players and will get a bonus point for surviving a round. The character you play as will be random.

Also note, Wingman plays with execution rules, you can only kill an enemy player by executing them. It is possible to get your kills stolen or steal other teams kills.


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