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Gears of War 3 Multiplayer: Wingman Tips & Strategies

Updated on October 7, 2011

Wingman is a game mode in Gears of War 3 multiplayer. Wingman was first introduced in Gears of War 2. Since then there has been a slight change to the game mode. There are no longer 5 teams of two, but rather 4 teams of two. Apparently, EPIC games thought that 5 teams of two was too much in Wingman, so they dropped the total number of players when they developed Gears of War 3. Other than that, Wingman plays the same way it did previously.

In order to win Wingman, your two-player team needs to reach 15 points before any other team does. You get 1 point for each kill and 1 point if you survive a round (regardless if you actually killed anyone.) If multiple teams reach 15 points or the same number of points above 15 in the same round, there will be tie-breaker round to determine who wins the match.

Wingman plays with execution rules, meaning, you must execute players up close to kill them. Unless of course you kill them by using an explosive weapon from a distance or use the longshot sniper rifle.

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8 Tips For Gears of War 3 Wingman

(1) It is highly recommended you play with someone you know. Find a good partner! Team work is essential in wingman and playing with random players online or playing with an AI controlled computer partner may not work out as well. Not saying you won't be paired up with a good teammate, but there is no way to predict if you will have a team mate that has a microphone and also communicates/cooperates with you.

(2) Stay close to your team mate! While it's okay to separate from your partner sometimes, the majority of the time should be spent nearby your team mate. Other wingman teams may take defensive positions on the map and could possibly outnumber you. Move with your partner and point out enemy positions.

(3) If possible, go for the power weapons on the map when they spawn! You will have a better chance of surviving a round if you are equipped with a boomshot, longshot sniper rifle, frag grenades, or a digger launcher etc.. While the weapons do not spawn on the map right away, stay close to the area of where they will spawn to increase your chances of acquiring one. Just be sure to look out for other Gears of War Wingman teams that may be thinking the same thing.

(4) Attack the wingman team that is winning! In most cases, you should try to prevent the team that has the most points from gathering more points. If you see them from a distance, shoot them even if this means giving other wingman teams a free kill. Also make sure you are not killed by the team who has the most points. Look at the scoreboard to determine which team is winning.

8 Tips For Gears of War 3 Wingman

(5) Attack wingman teams who have lost their Wingman partner. In this fashion, you won't have to worry about their partner covering them. It's also best to have you and your Wingman partner attack the enemy player at the same time.

(6) Don't waste your time performing weapon executions that take a long time to complete when other enemy Wingman teams are nearby. For example, the Lancer execution lasts several seconds, it's very easy for other teams to shoot you when you are finishing off another player. It's much simpler to kick them or shoot them up close to finish them off, rather than wasting precious time performing a weapon execution that could get you killed in the process.

(7) Go up behind other enemy teams who do not see you! (This is called flanking.) In Gears of War 3 Wingman, it is much easier to eliminate other players when they do not see you. Take advantage of unsuspecting players. The sawed off shotgun is great to use for flanking because you can shoot somebody in the back and kill them instantly - just make sure your close enough.

(8) Steal other players kills! If you ever see other wingman teams fighting amongst each other and they down other players, take their kills if you have the chance.

Also, be careful that other players do not steal your kills. You do not get any points for downing other players! Only shoot Wingman teams that you know you can finish off, otherwise, other players may run up take your kills.

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