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Gears of War 3 Weapons List

Updated on September 29, 2011

Gears of War 3 has a wide variety of weapons. All the weapons from previous Gears of War games have returned along with newer ones. Some of the older weapons, however, have been modified a bit. There are three types of weapons in Gears of War 3. The first type are ones that you can hold in your inventory like the Lancer assault rifle and can find ammo for. The second type of weapons are ones that you can not carry in your inventory, but can still be used until they run out of ammo like the Mortar. The final type of weapons are the bolo grenades that are held in your inventory. Grenades can be thrown, planted on walls or the ground, and can be planted onto enemies. Only one type of grenade can be carried at a time.

Inventory Weapons

Lancer Assault Rifle (old) - An assault rifle that has very low recoil and high range. While it is not the most powerful rifle, it has a chainsaw bayonet at the end of it. You can chainsaw enemies in half by revving it up! This weapon is best used for medium to long range encounters.

Retro Lancer (new) - Much more powerful than the regular Lancer, but it has a ton of recoil, which makes it VERY inaccurate! This weapon is great for close range because it is extremely powerful, but must be shot in bursts at medium range to attain good accuracy. It is virtually useless at long range because of the recoil - bullets tend to spray inaccurately. The Retro Lancer has a bayonet on it that can be used to charge and impale enemies with!

Hammerburst (New Version) - The hammerburst is an assault rifle that shoots in bursts. It has very long range, is moderately powerful, and has precision iron sights on it. Holding down the right analog stick allows you to look down the sight. The hammerburst is great for medium to long range encounters because it has very good range.

Gnasher Shotgun (old) - A pump-action shotgun that is effective at very short to short range. It reloads easily and can be shot multiple times before needing to reload.

Sawed off Shotgun (new) - A shotgun that is only effective at about 6 feet away, but can instantly kill an enemy or can kill multiple enemies at close range because of it's widespread shot. It is useless for anything past 10 feet approximately. You only get one shot then you have to reload.

Snub Pistol (old) - A semi-automatic pistol. This weapon is not very powerful and is mainly only good to use if you need to reload and need to finish off a downed enemy quickly. The reload time is fast, but the range is limited.

Boltok Pistol (old) - A revolver that does not fire very fast, but each shot does quite a lot of damage (much more than snub pistol). An active reload allows you to fire faster than normal.

What Shotgun in Gears of War 3 do you prefer?

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Inventory Weapons

Boomshot (old) - Basically a grenade launcher that can instantly blow up an enemy or cause massive damage. The shot itself is not very fast, so it can be easy to miss if your not careful. When shooting a moving target, you may want to aim in front of the target a bit so the shot hits. The boomshot is capable of blowing up multiple targets at once because of it's explosion!

Torque Bow (old) A bow that shoots explosive arrows. It is capable of sticking into enemies then exploding. You must wait a couple seconds in order for it to charge up so it can stick into enemies or objects though. Careful timing is required when using the torque bow as it can be easy to miss.

Hammer of Dawn (old) - A weapon that can only be used when outside with no roofs above. It calls down a laser from the sky above and an explosion will hit the ground. You must first wait a few seconds before the laser will come down from the sky. Careful timing is required with this weapon. It should also be noted that this weapon does not have infinite ammo like Gears of War 1.

Longshot Sniper Rifle (old) - A sniper rifle that is effective at very long ranges. It has a zoomed in scope on it. While the scope does not turn very fast, skilled players can get headshots. The scope has been modified a bit on Gears of War 3, but the longshot itself is basically the same. The sniper rifle needs to be reloaded after each shot.

Digger (new) - A weapon that fires a creature called a digger underground. This weapon can take out enemies hiding behind cover.

Gorgon Pistol (New version) - Originally, it was a burst pistol, but in Gears of War 3, it is now a fully automatic pistol. It is most effective at close to medium ranges. Best used when you need to reload your primary weapon or have run out of ammo.

Scorcher (old) - A flamethrower that is very effective at close range (useless past 10 meters).This weapon does a lot of damage and it's blind firing is very good. A perfect reload does not increase the damage, but increases the range of the weapon.

Non-Inventory Weapons on Gears of War 3

Mulcher (old) - A 3 barrel chaingun that is extremely powerful and has a high rate of fire. This weapon can be fired in three ways; from the hip, in the prone position, or mounted on top of cover. The mulcher is most accurate when set up on cover. It is very inaccurate when fired from the hip, but since the rate of fire is so high, it is possible to take out enemies at close range.

This weapon can take out both small and larger enemies with ease. While a player can not carry this weapon in his or inventory, you can walk with it, even though you will move slowly.

Mortar (old) - Fires a mortar shell into the air and when it comes back down it explodes in a very large blast radius. This weapon is very effective for taking out large waves of enemies, but it takes time to fire, as you must crank the mortar up and judge distance. Also, once you use the mortar, it will give away your position because it is very loud. The mortar is really good for horde mode because there are many enemies.

Butcher Cleaver (new) - The very first melee weapon in Gears of War. The butcher will eventually break after using it a few times, so make sure your slices count. It has a unique execution move.

One-Shot Sniper Rifle (new) - An extremely powerful sniper rifle that can take out enemies in one-shot, hence the name given. When looking through the scope, you must wait a few seconds before you can fire it.

Vulcan Cannon (new) - A fully automatic turret that requires one person to shoot it and one person to reload it. This weapon is very powerful, although the recoil is high. Your mobility will be slow when using it and the other person must walk with you.

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Bolo Grenades: (Can be thrown, stuck onto enemies, or planted as traps)

Frag grenades (old) - A highly explosive grenade that can blow up enemies with ease. It takes a few moments to explode though.

Smoke Grenade (old) - Can disrupt the vision of enemies and cause them to be unable to use their weapons for a couple of seconds if thrown near them.

Ink Grenade (old) - Creates a black and green cloud of poisonous smoke for a short period of time. It can damage enemies and potentially kill them if they remain in the smoke cloud too long. This is excellent to use in Annex & king of the hill because you can prevent other players from going through certain areas for a short time.

Incendiary grenades (new) - Similar to a molotov cocktail, these grenades explode immediately on impact (unlike the other grenades). It also creates fire in the area it exploded in for a short period of time. It will damage players who enter it, although the damage is less than the ink grenade. The incendiary grenade can instantly kill an enemy if it hits them on direct impact.


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    • RadAdMusic profile image

      Adam 6 years ago from Dryden

      suprised 81% of people prefer the gnasher. That is what I use but if you play online it seems like 81% of people use the sawed-off...I guess people just don't want to admit they use the newb shotgun! lol

    • profile image

      Marcus Fenix 6 years ago

      This helped alot and I wish you would pit the location of them on the maps so I can find them while vsing my friends but whatever I can survive with my execellent accuracy and the torche bow equals besting locusts and sometimes maybe you!?!?!?!?